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Awww! How cute! I love how they already look like little people at this stage. Like they are a silhouette of what they will be in 20 weeks. lol Congrats on the girl!!!

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I got an unexpected 3D view today when we had a level-two ultrasound (to check on an echogenic bowel -- gone, yay! -- and a two-vessel cord -- boo, but manageable) so I'm feeling pretty giddy about my sweet, healthy little man.



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21 weeks... I didn't know the tech was doing a 3D image.  I would have declined it, but since she did, here it is!




And the classic profile




Measurements indicate 21w5d, four days earlier than my due date, but pretty close.  Ds came on the exact day of his anatomy scan estimate and dd came about 4 days before hers, so I wonder what this one will do!

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Awww! I wanted a 3D! Oh well. I'll get to see mine for real in 4 months. It's always exciting thinking of how and when they will come. You can plan and plan and they will surprise you. lol

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Baby 020.jpg


23 weeks, 3 days. 1 lb. 6 oz.The picture's off by a day. *Shrugs* Isn't he SO cute? =D Check out that foot in front of his face. Haha. We got a good 45-minute ultrasound this morning to check on a dilated kidney. We get another ultrasound at 28 weeks and then again at 34. WOO! (By the way, the kidney problem is caused by my progesterone and will most likely fix itself either before birth or right after birth. They just like to monitor it.)

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Sooooo cute, Nicole!  Love it!  Are you feeling better about everything now? I remember you were worried about looking smaller... seems like he's right on track! thumb.gif

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Yes! As of right now, he's "laying" vertically. I told the ultrasound tech he was just trying to learn how to walk. ;-) I feel him probably 100 times a day now in the position he's in. Plus watching him for so long on the ultrasound made me feel a lot better.

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So I'm really in love with these two photos... The one on the left is our 14 month old and the one on the right is this baby at the same time in my pregnancies.. All of their photos are almost identical and it's seriously blowing my mind.. I had to dig out Jack's u/s photos and get one of Charlie and send them to DH, lol.  Just love them..

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U/S pics taken 7/18/11 - Baby Sora at 23 weeks!


The sonographer surprised us with 3D shots too. smile.gif Sora wasn't wanting us to get a good facial shot of her, though, because she kept putting her hands up in front of her face, lol. Shy little girl in the womb! I wish the photos would've looked better scanned because they were actually in that goldtone that's easier to see. Oh well, this'll do!


Resized profile.jpg



Resized 2.jpg


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28w3d. It's crazy how much he looks like a baby now! 2lb.14oz.

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Awww, Nicole! How precious! I can't wait til we have our littles in our arms and seeing everybody's happy faces holding their babies.

ETA: This is IwannaBanRN. I hate how it automatically goes to my facebook if I'm logged into that too.

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TTCChloeorConnor   we have the same birthday :)  I just saw it on your u/s pic!  3/4/85 is mine ;-)  

Such cute baby pics, everyone!  I've been trying to compare DS1 and this baby's u/s photos but I can't seem to locate DS1's!! This is so sad to me.  I'm sure they're around here somewhere....

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Pregnancy Growth Ultrasound 0001.jpg


Here is what I deem to be a perfect picture of my little man. Some where between 28 - 30 weeks, they keep changing my dates

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Hi I am not on your ddc but saw your pics...very cute.

I just want to mention that you may want to crop your pics....if they include your full name and the location of your ultrasound. this is a public board and I would not want any weirdos looking at it.

I don't want to scare you, but when I was pg with my kiddos I was on Ivillage and both times there were woman whose babies were stolen- one straight from the womb- and I could not help but think that following a ddc club could show you how to mimic a pg easily and the ultra sound pics could lead you to where and when a woman who is due to give birth will be.


totaly don't want to freak you out, but it freaked me out...alot



saoirse from Oct ddc



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So beautiful, Julie! I can't wait to see everybody's babies!!!

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Thanks for the concern ladies. I didn't even think of it really. Things are a whole lot different here in New Zealand. Generally the baby doesn't leave the mother after birth at all unless baby is really sick. I don't think I've ever heard of a baby being stolen in the hospital here...its scary to think that people can do that!

I'll keep it in mind for any more pictures that I post tho

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