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I look after a 1yo who is 36lbs (yes, he's a BIG boy), as well as my 2.5yo who is about 35lbs. I've recently become an Ergo convert and have been comfortably carrying the 1yo quite a lot in my Ergo Sport. What I'm looking for now is a way to carry BOTH boys for short periods of time when DS needs mama time or is simply not listening (aka he's turning into a bolter).


One person recommended to me an Ergo/Mei Tai combo, which would be fine, except that means the 1yo would have to always be in a Mei Tai on the front in order for me to quickly pop DS onto my back.. I know from experience with DS that wearing that kind of weight on my front is NOT feasible. Back carry, no prob. Front carry, no way!


One option I was considering trying was the ergo and a ring sling. I was thinking I could maybe put the ring sling on before the Ergo and then just be able to pop DS in the ring sling for a few minutes if I had to? 


Anyone have any other suggestions??? I suspect there's probably a way to wrap two that heavy, but that's the one carrier I don't own. Otherwise I've got the Ergo, a Mei Tai, a Connecta, and two ring slings (one SBP, one Didy)