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CLO Miracle!

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Well, okay I think it's pretty miraculous! 


My little girl, "Doozer," has been a wheezer nearly since birth, she came down with RSV at 2.5 weeks and has wheezed ever since then.  She was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) at 4 months and our pediatrician wanted us to put her on steroids, which we declined.  We tried natural methods first, which the details can be found on my blog.  The quick gist is we were using mullein tea, colloidal silver, tea tree oil in a nebulizer, algae-derived DHA several times a day, and adding antioxidant-rich foods to her diet to battle the free radicals in her system.


Those things would work, but only for a short time, always with a relapse.  We also thought the mold in our apartment was contributing a lot, but we would visit our parents for weeks on end to try to clear up Doozer's lungs and she would still wheeze the whole time.


I knew she was sensitive to dairy, wheezing withing a few hours of me or her eating it and spiraling into being very sick for a few days.  We had some tentative muscle testing done and she was also testing reactive to wheat.  I was already avoiding dairy, so I went gluten-free for several weeks hoping to clear up Doozer's breathing.  It didn't work.


So enter cod liver oil.  I decided to start giving some to the family to battle my son's cavities.  I was giving Doozer 1/2 tsp a day, now it's 3/4 tsp.  Within two days of taking the CLO she stopped wheezing and hasn't started again.  This is with us being busy moving and not caring about a lot of stuff, so I've actually had a few days of consuming large amounts of dairy.  No wheezing ever! 




So, that's my little story.  I just wanted to share how excited I was!  Oh, and we're not even taking the good stuff, we bought the Nordic Naturals +D.  We  plan on getting a bottle of FCLO after this one is gone, which won't be much longer.

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That is fantastic!! I really need to try again to get FCLO into my kiddos. They only way my daughter liked was in the cinnamon gummy fish, and I can't find them! Booo!
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Thanks!  We're really excited.

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that's awesome, i just started taking it. i gotta get a new blender so i can sneak it into the kids they would not take it off the spoon smile.gif

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Wow, thanks for sharing that story! Praise God!

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WOW! :)

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Yay!  I know you're trilled!  I always love hearing testimonies like this.

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That is AMAZING! I bet your life is so much easier now!

I must admit though, that I have never noticed ANY difference in my experience with it. I even gave the FCLO gummies from green pastures to my kids for several months and nadda. BUT, they were healthy to begin with. I guess I 'm just kind of lost on what to expect.

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I love love love hearing stories like this!  Fantastic!


Your babes picture is so darn cute, on my!



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Everyone, thanks.  It's nice to know there's a group of parents who will rejoice with me, a lot of people IRL kinda aren't getting it.  BUT THAT'S OKAY!  I'm still very happy and feel so blessed.  Actually she hasn't been getting if for a few days since I came down with either H1N1 (or malaria, the symptoms almost fit nut.gif) and she's still doing great.  Don't worry, she'll be back on it as soon as I'm back on my feet.

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That's awesome! My little guy is super tiny -- barely 25lbs soaking wet and he'll be 3 in July. He has been diagnosed with "reactive airway disease" as well -- suspected of having asthma. He landed in the hospital for a week last year and almost passed away because he was blue and not able to respond. It was very scary and we did the traditional puffers for a while but then I couldn't bare it anymore. I put him on a cleanse and started him on Vit D and Fish Oils, which he still takes. I also started giving him echinacea/astragalus tincture when he had green weepy eyes for days and also when he had some strange wart like things all over his trunk. They went away :)


All has been pretty well, but in the Winter he still catches everything and is hit much harder with the same virus than other children (even those that eat terribly). He was bf'd until he was 22 months and weaned himself while I was pregnant.


I'm going to look into the FCLO to see if that helps even more. He still has a poor immune system and dry skin and allergies to lotions, etc (I'm not sure exactly what his allergies are yet).


Thanks for this post :)

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YAY!!!! This is fantastic!!  We just started CLO with the beginning of this pregnancy- in the past we've taken other fish oils. I'm hoping for positive results with regard to tooth remineralization and a couple of other issues in the fam. Hearing positive testimony is so encouraging!!

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