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How Much for Piano Lessons?

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My dd wants to take piano lessons.  She has a friend who plays to a high standard, and the friend has agreed to teach dd.  Bearing in mind she has no teaching qualifications, what would be a reasonable pay rate to offer her?  She would accept whatever I suggest, and I want to be fair.  Dd just turned 14, and her friend will be 17 this summer.  I was thinking they could start with a half-hour lesson.  

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DD1 is taking lessons right now, and we're paying $22.00/half hour. They're private lessons at the local music place. They charge the same for other instruments, within a dollar or two. When ds1 was taking guitar a few years ago, we paid $25.00/half hour. The usual range around here seems to be $20.00-$30.00/half hour for private music lessons, depending the teacher.

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My son just started taking 1/2 hour lessons and we pay $16 a lesson.

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We pay $20 an hour for a group lesson.


Since she's not qualified and hasn't had any teacher training, I'd go with $15 an hour. It's actually more difficult to teach than you might imagine.

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I'm a piano teacher and I charge $25 for a half hour lesson.  I have lots of experience, a University degree in Music, and am well qualified to teach. 


In your dd's case I'd first suggest that you consider finding a teacher with teaching experience.  There is a WORLD of difference between being able to play well and being able to teach the fundamentals well.  I cannot emphasize enough what Lynn said: "teaching is more difficult than you might thing".  I have spent hundreds of hours teaching, researching methods, studying pedagogy, etc, and I still find every student to be a unique challenge, and I spend a significant amount of time each week preparing for the next lesson to tailor it to their specific needs.  I think teaching beginners (I'm assuming your dd is a beginner) is more difficult than any other level. 


That said, if you do decide to have her friend to teach her I suggest you look on Craigslist and/or at local music stores to see what the going rate is in your area, and offer to pay on the lower end of that scale.

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Agree with everything pianojazzgirl said.
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My 8 year old son takes private piano lessons with a teacher and we pay $15 for 1/2 an hour.

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Yes, dd is more or less a complete beginner.  I do understand the importance of a good teacher and excellent basics if a person is serious about their instrument (my ds is a highly-talented guitarist, so we've been down that road), but I don't think dd is at that stage.  I feel like this is something that is "just for fun", and I thought that having some lessons with her friend would be a good way to test her interest without having to spend so much.  She's already involved in dance and horse riding, and would have to either give up (would never happen) or cut back (highly doubtful) on those if she wanted private music lessons on a regular basis.  If she shows serious interest and is willing to adjust her other activities, then I would seek out a certified teacher.  For now, I have a good idea what to offer her friend, so thanks for everyone's input.smile.gif

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We pay our very experienced piano teacher $15/half-hour and $25/hour for private lessons.

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my twins are taking piano lessons from an family member.  So bear in mind this is a double lesson, but reflecting a "family discount".


I pay 75 a month for 4 lessons. The lessons are supposed to be a half hour, shared between them, but end up usually much longer.

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My kids took piano lessons from a music student at the college a few years ago. I paid her $15 per half hour. So I'd say between $10 and $15 per half hour.

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