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Abnormal Pap and freaking out!

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Just got word that my pap spear from last Friday came back abnormal and I've never had an abnormal before.  Anyone dealt with this?  Of course all these things are running through my head and I'm panicing.


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Don't stress! I had an abnormal pap in 2007 (cervical dysplasia). They did a procuedure in the office and took biopsies of the spots on my cervix that showed up as odd (they smear this strange stuff on it that cause them to glow or something) and then sent those in. They called them precancerous and recommend a LEEP procedure to cut of the tip of my cervix. It was a breeze and then  6 months later I got pregnant with my DS and had another pap after he was born that came back totally normal and every pap since then (2008) has been normal as well.

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Thanks for your response Kristine I'm trying not to stress but I'm a worrier by nature.  My midwife said it was one point or degree (can't remember the term she used) above normal and called it lgsil which is  cervical dysplasia. 

I have to call and make an apointment for a colposcopy.

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aljm -- i know you're really scared right now, but try to breathe and remain positive.  the same thing happened to me last year when DP and i were doing all the prelims to start TTC.    first i was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ (which is not very common but which is also quite aggressive and hard to treat).  the first thing the the gyn said to me was that it wasn't too serious but that i'd need a hysterectomy ASAPjaw2.gif.  i had to leave her office to go cry in the bathroom.  after that i had another test which came back negative.  and then a third which was positive.  it was a very very scary time, but ultimately, i just had an outpatient surgery called a cone biopsy which removed part of my cervix. the results showed a pre-cancerous microinvasion.  my last pap was clear, and the gyn said we could start trying pretty soon after the operation. 


the important thing is to get as much info as possible. (and stay away from the forums about cervical cancer....trust me on this one)


try not to freak out (although, i know that's probably not possible...i was a *wreck*), and feel free to pm me if you need to talk.     *HUGS*


kristine: your story gives me hope! thanks for sharing it and congrats on your wee one!



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Same thing happened to me last year. I had a colposcopy and my follow-up paps since then (2 by now) have been clear. It is shocking and scary but ultimately I found out that almost every woman I know has had an abnormal pap at one time or another. Cervical dysplasia is very common and usually not serious. Sometimes dysplasia even goes away on its own but I think it's better to be safe and go for the colpo.

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Thanks so much for all of your posts.  I'm handling things better now for the most part.  I keep telling myself that it will be nothing and I'm being ridiculous for worrying and then I'll have a moment of freaking out.  Everything I am reading is telling me there is only a small chance that it is something to be worried about.

I can't get the colposcopy done for 2wks cause I'm expecting AF next week and then DW and I are going on vacation the next week for our first anniversary.  I'm really hoping that I can push this out of my mind while on our trip.



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aljm: i think a vacation sounds like the perfect thing. and you're absolutely right, it might not be anything at all. last summer my wife and i went on vacation for three weeks a couple of days after my cone biopsy. i knew it was going to be at least 2 weeks before i got the results, and even though i knew it could come back saying i had cancer, i decided to push it all out of my mind and just enjoy our travels. i relaxed, enjoyed the trip immensely, and two weeks in, i got a call from the doc saying that it was just precancerous, very small and they'd got it all. i'm so glad i didn't let the worry ruin everything. bon voyage and lots and lots of positive vibes coming your way! btw congrats on your anniversary!

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happy anniversery!

i often wonder if i could have just skipped the LEEP entirely? when i was having the LEEP i was under GA and while doing the procedure my obgyn decided to scrape even higher up in my cervix just to see. well the stuff she scrapped did come back with more cervical dysplasia and she said we should wait 6 months and re scrape for more cells high up in the cervix again. well i kind of said yeah right i am not coming back in for another colposcopy (i found it unbearable and came alone without my then partner because she said it would be no biggie). i was super worried about being able to get pregnant and have a homebirth in the far future, she said if anything it might take me longer to dilate because of scar tissue when it turns out the issue after LEEP is actually more likely to be an incompetent cervix. she did not warn me of those risks at all (luckly it was not a problem and neither was scar tissue, i dilated from 2 to 10 in two hours). She told me that sometimes trauma to the cervix can cause it to heal the cervical dysplasia and that we why we sould wait 6 months. well I ended up getting pregnant (it was a big surprise, i was on the pill) instead. she said it was probably so easy to get pregnant because my cervix was very "ripe" from healing. anyway i often wonder if the pregnancy itself could have healed the dysplasia. my mom chose to treat hers with a natural herbal method. her naturopathic doctor would rub a vinegar substance on her cervix once a week to try and get the cells to heal it. her np had sucess with this in the past but in my moms case she ended up needing a cone (a different kind of LEEP) procedure anyway. but it is worth researching!

good luck with ttc and i hope you are enjoying your vacation and not stressing!





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Nosreves, I'm definitely at the point now where I know I will enjoy the trip.  DW has never been to the mountains before and I grew up going to Gatlinburg all of the time (my parents met there so it was favorite vacation spot).  Glad to here you got good news on your trip!


Thanks Kristine!  Just a few years ago I thought I'd never get married and now I've been married almost a year, its so crazy!  Our trip to DC to get married was so stressful so I am looking forward to celebrating it a year later without all the stress.

I did a lot of research and I just don't feel like the colposcopy is the right next step. Since my pap came back barely abnormal I figure it's not a big deal to hold off on anything that may make getting pregnant or carrying to term difficult.   I've started taking  beta carotene and vitamin E supplements along with my daily multi vitamin.   I'll go back this summer for another pap and see where I'm at.  DW and I tossed around the idea of canceling our first appointment with the RE until I had a new pap but finally decided to just go ahead a keep it.  I know that getting pregnant will be quite a process and I don't want to delay it.

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