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Kat Miller and St Mark's Review?

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I'm only 6 weeks along, and I've set up my first prenatal appointment with Kat Miller at Mount Olympus Ob/Gyn. Has anyone worked with Kat before? Also, anyone out there who gave birth at St. Mark's Hospital? It's our first choice because of how close it is to our house, but I haven't gone and looked around their Women's Center yet. Any helpful reviews?

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I'm actually not a fan of either Kat Miller or St. Marks. 


I had my last baby with Kat's associate, Diane Heubeusch (sp?), who I thought was amazing.  Diane required that I see Kat for one prenatal visit just in case Kat had to attend my birth.  She walked in looked at my chart and said "You're gaining weight too fast."  The rest of the visit I felt she was completely judgemental.  I told her I wanted a natural birth.  She said that wasn't important.  The important thing was getting the baby out safe. Didn't like her.


St. Marks was okay.  They didn't have any whirlpool suites available when I checked in.  And as I was laboring they sent someone in to set up the table with all the metal tools and she was clanging around while I was trying to be all zen.  They do have a yummy post-delivery energy drink that they give you.  But they require a lot of baby in the nursery time and I think at least 1-2 hours required after a 20 minute bond with the mom.


Also my miscarriage happened at St. Marks and I was majorly pissed about all the "required" (and expensive) tests.  They tested me for Chlamydia and a freaking yeast infection without even asking.  That could have something to do with my St. Marks aversion.


I'm planning to give birth in a birth center close to St. Marks, but if I have to transfer I'm going to request that they transfer me to the U which is "baby friendly".

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Thanks for letting me know! Maybe I should keep looking around...

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I had my son at Sait Mark's and I had a terrible experience there. The nurses were very unfriendly and demanding they made me stay for a week because I had complications. The whole time there I had one nurse that was nice to me. I personally will never go back to Sait Mark's Hospital! My doctor was okay, but I dont think she is in Utah anymore. I cant even remember her name she was very nice, but she pissed my family members off when she was delivering my son, I was so out of it I don't remember very much.
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I know this is a late reply, but I wanted to share my experience. My birthing experience at St. Marks was great, but that's because of my midwife (who doesn't deliver there anymore).


My postpartum time there sucked. They wouldn't let me leave the next day like I wanted, guilted me into using formula "because he's a big baby and needs it," and I was never seen by a lactation specialist. They did not come off as breastfeeding friendly. I could tell you more details of my story that put some of the nurses in a vry bad light, but I won't. Even though I know a lot about breastfeeding now that my son is 22 months old and still nursing, I still worry about nursing a newborn again. The hospital is 5 minutes from my house, but I won't deliver there again.

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