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I feel silly saying this, but...

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like I told my husband, I can't ignore it or pretend it isn't happening anymore!  I really think I keep feeling this baby.  It's been happening for a few days.  It's always in the same place, the top right of my uterus. It's that little brushing tickle. It's not gas (it never moves to my butt!) This is my 4th baby, and I would say by now, I know what quickening feels like. 


But the thing is, I am currently only 8w 5d!  I felt my 1st child at close to 20 weeks.  My 2nd and 3rd I felt at mid-11 weeks, and I thought that was super early.  I know people (medical professionals...) say it is not possible to feel them at 11 weeks, but I also know what my experience was, so I don't care what they say.  Anyway before this, *I* would have said it's not possible to feel them at 8 weeks! 


So the possibilites are what?

1. My uterus is having some weird tic repeatedly in that same place.

2. I really feel this baby at 8 weeks (anyone else? Please?)

3. I'm farther along than I think, 12 weeks instead of 8. 


I guess #3 is possible, but not so likely. This pregnancy was an oops. We have been careful for almost 10 years, only making babies when we meant to.  We had 3 kids, and we were done. For some reason in January, we threw caution to the wind at the worst possible time of month.  The first week of February, I was fully expecting to be pregnant, but I had negative pregnancy tests, and on the 8th, I got my period.  We both admitted to being relieved and yet a little disappointed.


A week and a half later, though, we were careless again! WTF is wrong with us? dizzy.gifSo around Feb 20th is when I think I got pregnant.  I missed my period at the beginning of March.  I know some people get a pseudo-period when they are already pregnant, but that has never happened to me, so I don't really think I was pregnant during my February period.


None of this should be a problem- I could just go get a dating ultrasound.  And I keep thinking about it... but my last two pregnancies have been UP/UC.  I've done my own prenatal care and that's the way I like it.  I'm having trouble imagining myself going in and having a medical provider touch me, examine me, talk to me about my pregnancy!  I know this sounds odd, if it's the kind of prenatal care you do.  But for me it is just so foreign, I almost feel like I don't know how to go about it. 


Anyway, just thinking out loud here. Anyone else want to help me think? And there goes that raspberry-sized baby, fluttering again. lol.gif



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Nope, not crazy at all. I'm almost 11 weeks with #5, and I've been feeling it since the end of my 8th week, also. I felt it way early with my #4, also. In fact, I've heard of so many women who do feel movement early--who is to tell us what we're feeling in our own bodies? Seriously gas? I don't feel gas bubbles ever. But I do feel gentle nudges and flutters in one spot, consistently. I know what it is.

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 So glad you posted this, i also swear i've been feeling the baby a few times this past week, i turned 9 wks today. I know it's not gas. With my son's pregnancy i started to feel him move around 10wks or so .

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Ya know, I'm 9w2d and for maybe a week or so I've thought I've felt something a few times. Not every day, but a few times total. I don't understand how it could be gas, because my uterus is already very easily palpable a few inches above my pubic bone. So if I feel a tiny gentle flutter at a spot where there is clearly uterus and *not* intestines, well.. I don't see how gas is possible. I might be convinced its some sort of funny muscle twitch or something, but gas? No. I've kept quiet about it because I figured people would think I'm out of my mind :)

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I felt my daughter for the first time at 14 weeks. I'm really hoping to feel this baby sooner too!

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I felt my first two at 13-14 weeks, but I swear I think I've been feeling something this time already. My best guess puts me at 7ish weeks. This was an oops and I am not set on my dates, either, though, so maybe I really am more like 12 weeks, but I doubt it. I can't feel my uterus above my pelvic bone at all, which I definitely could by 12 weeks with the other two.


Also, I totally feel you on not wanting an ultrasound. I HB with a midwife, but I didn't have any ultrasounds last time and I don't want any this time, either. Unless my MW is really, really concerned with knowing how far along I am (and I know she won't be, having had a client recently go 43+ weeks), no ultrasound for me. We'll just be surprised when this LO decides to show up!

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Not crazy at all!  With my first, it was around 12-14 weeks.  With my last, about the same, maybe closer to 12.  But with my middle child it was definitely 8-9 weeks.  No denying that.  Enjoy your sweet movements.  heartbeat.gif

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I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy one! The last couple of days, I've felt flutters down low. I kept telling myself it had to be gas, but it never moved down or anything. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow. I felt my first fairly early too, 14 weeks. Even though they said I would feel movement later because I had an anterior placenta, but I sure felt her moving around. My mom said I was crazy, but I know what I felt and this feels the same as that did!

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Oh, thank you all! I really appreciate you raising your hands and saying "me too!" wave.gif  It makes me feel both less crazy, and more sure of my dates.

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Wow!  I did not know how common it was to feel the baby so soon!  With my first I wasn't sure what I was feeling until around 17 weeks.  So likely I was feeling her around 15 or 16 weeks.  With my second I was sure at 14 weeks and I thought that was early!  I'll definitely be on the look out for movement in a couple weeks to see if I can feel this one even earlier.  That would be exciting.  joy.gif

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I'm only 7 weeks- and it sounds crazy myself when I say it, but for the last few days Ive been feeling these feelings that are almost like vibrations.  I can only feel it every once in a while if I'm very still, but its definitely where my uterus is. 

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Not to diminish the possibility that you are all feeling your babies, because I don't see any reason to think that's not the case, but I wanted to mention that I have felt "flutters" once or twice and the ones that I'm feeling are almost certainly not baby - I'm pretty sure that they're muscle tics, like when your eyelid kind of flutters (if you've ever had that happen).  They're all in the area of my ovaries and uterus, though, I've gotten no muscle tics anywhere else since I got pregnant.  Eyelid and bicep are more normal for me.  But I've been getting them on and off since about 4 weeks, so I'm certain it's not baby, and it feels just like the eyelid flutters.  The only reason I mention this is that IF any of you think it might be this muscle tic thing instead of baby, you should make sure you're getting enough B vitamins.  Even if it is baby, extra B vitamins won't hurt (you just pee out extra), and if it's those muscular flutter-tic things, those are a symptom of too little of one or another (I can't remember) of the B vitamins.  I hope it really is all your babies, I just know that mine is not.  smile.gif

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With my fist pregnancy, I felt the quickening at my 12 week midwife appointment, and the midwife felt it too, so I'm pretty sure I really did feel the baby's motions. I've read that you may feel the quickening in your 2nd pregnancy a month sooner than your 1st. And, in the middle of the 6th week since LMP, the lentil to tic-tac sized baby begins flexing and twitching his/her brand new muscles.

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Thanks Hykue!  Good suggestion.  I am definitely up on my B vitamins- I take a supplement every day because it seems to help my all-day sickness.  I'm pretty sure what I feel is the baby friend! orngbiggrin.gif

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I feel something, but I doubt it's the baby. Probably more like my uterus growing, or something. Who knows? The baby is about an inch long at 9 weeks---not really enough power to be felt just yet, I suppose. 

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I think it might depend on the uterus, where the placenta is attached, the baby itself (some are more active all the way through!), and the number of times you have been pregnant!  We're not talking kicks here- I feel the same fluttering I have felt in all my other pregnancies, just earlier.  This is #4 for me, I am confident of what I feel now.

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I felt DD move at 17 weeks and I had an anterior placenta with her. I actually felt her move before we could get a heartbeat on the doppler. 



I feel things that FEEL like baby kicks, but I know they aren't because it's higher than my uterus. I imagine I'll feel it sooner this time since my placenta will be at the top- early u/s showed baby implanted in the top of my left uterine lobe (I have a bicornuate uterus)

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I feel a lot of...not flutters and not kicks, but....churning, or swimmy feelings, at 13 weeks.  And for the past 3 wks or so I have been *very* aware of my uterus and there being things happening.  So interesting the second time around!!

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One of the reasons I started to figure out I was pregnant with #2 was due to movement.  I remember telling dh, "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that I just felt a baby kick!"  I dismissed it as merely a gas pain.  Later that week I took a test and sure enough I was very pregnant.  I was about 9 or 10 weeks at that point.  The reason I wasn't aware sooner was that I had just stopped nursing dd 2-3 months earlier and had 1 cycle.  Sure enough, that cycle was enough for us to conceive him.  :)


So yes, I think you would know if it were quickening or simply gas.

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I felt flutters the other day at 8w5d, and thought I was NUTS! lol So I'm real glad I'm not alone in feeling like the movement is baby. I won't tell my boyfriend about it until he can feel it too. This is my private little time with baby.

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