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Maternity clothes here I come!

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I have hit the point of MUST HAVE maternity jeans. I have been squeezing into my pre-pregnancy jeans (normally size 1 or 2) recently. I've been making it work and it's been a little uncomfortable until they stretch out a bit. This morning, getting ready to go to our biz I put on my most comfortable pair. I wore them around the house getting things ready this morning when I felt something that felt like cramps waaay low in my belly. I woke up with what I recognize as "growing pains" this morning but this was something different. I changed out of those pants and into size 5s (5s!!!!) I've had since--oh I don't know 4/5 years--and although they were a little baggy my abdomen wasn't all squished anymore and the pain I was feeling in the other pair of pants stopped, thankfully! I also discovered this morning, while trying to find a shirt, that everything is tight on the boobs/belly. I went through about 6 shirts before I said forget it and threw on an older gray t-shirt that I knew would be a little baggy. When I am home I wear stretchy pants, yoga pants, PJ pants...stuff like that. I don't really want to wear that stuff to the biz though so I wear the jeans. I did do the rubberband trick for awhile and then eventually just unzipped my pants but I'm past that now.


As soon as we got home from the biz and I showered I ordered maternity jeans, maternity knit pants, and a maternity shirt that says "Special Cargo." I'm keeping my eye on eBay also. They should arrive next week. I have some stuff already, mostly summery type stuff (jean shorts, short sleeve shirts, etc.) but maybe I can make something work for tomorrow. If not, I will be either wearing my size 5s again (already washed and dried, lol) or stretchy pants.

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I'm so with you! I'm at that awkward place, though, where all my maternity stuff is really big and baggy, but my regular stuff is too tight (and causing belly pain like yours did). It's a weird spot. Plus, the weather here is crazy...low 50s and rain...so it doesn't feel like spring yet (and all my other maternity stuff is spring and summer). I ended up wearing maternity jeans yesterday with one of those belly bands to keep them up, but they kept sliding down. Other than that, I've been wearing (and washing) one pair of black knit pants I found at Target that are stretchy and still comfortable.


Here's to warmer weather and comfy clothes!

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Alright! My jeans are just staring to feel a little uncomfortable when I sit. Most of my stuff is summer, so hopefully it will warm up here soon!

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I drug my maternity clothes out last week as I couldn't do regular (several sized up pants) anymore. Also, my shirts were getting a little tight but they were kreeping up so my belly hung out, really not attractive. lol My small maternity pants fit great! my mediums are a tad large but still fit comfortably and stay up. My medium maternity shirts fit great! I am 12 wks 3 days today. (this is my 9th pg though so it makes a difference)

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