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Ahhhhhhh!!!!  I am on Cloud 9!  *Finally* spoke to our HB MW just now and she confirmed that she will take us as homebirth clients for our December EDD.  I am so happy I could burst!!!  


Had left 2 messages for her this week and was on pins and needles the whole time waiting for a call back.  We loved her care with our DS and desperately wanted her again this pregnancy.  But there are so few midwives in our city that they fill up crazy fast, there are waiting lists, etc.  We had a huge advantage being previous clients of hers, but still, no guarantees.  And I was also worried she'd take a bunch of time off at Christmas or something (our edd is Dec 14).


This is seriously just as exciting to DH and I as the day we got out BFP!  Now I feel like I can relax and focus on this pregnancy and being healthy.


First appointment with her will be May 18 @ 10 weeks.


Just had to share with people who would understand! 



Anyone else waiting to hear back, or happy to have a confirmed spot?

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Yay you! This is wonderful!

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Congratulations!! That does sound fantastic to know.


I am waiting to hear back from a very popular midwife, myself. The joke is that people call her from bed. I would love to work with her, but don't have the added thing of having done a previous birth with her, and am in an area with many midwives. My wonderful midwife and I both moved out of state since ds was born.

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Congrats!! that is very good news!

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Yay! Congratulations. I'm sure that must be a huge relief to have it settled AND to know when your first appointment is.


Still waiting to hear back here. I called last Monday, and decided I'd give her (myself!) a week before calling again. So Monday can't get here fast enough for me to call again. i can't wait to start my prenatal appointments, even though I know they'll be infrequent in the beginning. Plus I really want an early us to confirm the GA since my cycles are weird and I'm only 90% confident in my charting accuracy. (That is, did I put in the day we DTD accurately-since we weren't trying at the time.)

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CONGRATS! I can't imagine how relieved you must feel.


Still waiting here. I was supposed to hear back "within two weeks" ... which is today. So I'll call on Monday and ask. I was under the impression that they would call whether is was yea or nay. So Stressed thinking i might not get a midwife. I'm ok with not having an appointment for the first while, I just want to know I've secured a midwife.

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