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So, discharge, anyone?

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I've been having more discharge than usual all pregnancy, and it hasn't been worrying me at all . . . I get that that's what my hormones are doing.  Then last night, I had a bit of a pink tinge on the toilet paper.  This has only ever happened to me before with UTIs, so I figured that was what it was, and stepped up my usual cranberry and water regime.  There was no burning with the peeing, which is unusual, but I didn't think too much about it.  This morning it had changed to very light brown, which has never happened with a UTI before, so I wiped very carefully and checked, and it wasn't coming from my urethra but from my vagina.  This morning I have maybe a bit of itching.  So I'm starting to think yeast infection.  Can they cause colored discharge?  I've only had two before, and the first time I was a teenager and didn't know what it was.  I already have a doctor's appointment in three days, so is there anything that it could be that might require me going to the doctor sooner than that?  I'm thinking to try the garlic remedy tonight if it's still itchy, because I don't think that will hurt even if it's not yeast.


So, thanks for reading my TMI thread.  Anyone have similar experiences?

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Have you had sex recently? I think it might be from your cervix, it is pretty sensitive during pregnancy...I spotted brown after sex at 6 weeks.We have been taking it easier since then. (lol tmi!)


Do you put the garlic in the vagina? I'm not sure I would do that during pregnancy....but maybe thats just me..



If it increases in amount or brightness call your midwife!

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Nope, last time we had sex was three days ago.  And yeah, you put the garlic in the vagina.  I've heard that it's safe during pregnancy, and I would feel very confident in its safety - more so than any other kind of antifungal medication, anyway.

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That happened to me after I took antibiotics and I felt like I didn't quite have a yeast infection yet but that it was the beginning of one.  I was a bit freaked by the spotting because of my past so I called my midwife.  She said that a yeast infection can cause spotting and that I should take probiotics and put some garlic in there.  I did and I felt better in a few days.  I din't have different color spotting though so I don't know how to answer that one. 


BTW I have had one yeast infection in my life before I became pregnant.  And at like 3 weeks I had a mild one and I just had one last week.  So even if you don't usually have them you can get them more frequently sometimes while pregnant.

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Thanks, Tank, that makes me feel better.  My sister said the same thing, that she got yeast infections with spotting when she was pregnant last time, so I'm not feeling very worried at all anymore . . . and today is my ultrasound, so I'll have evidence soon enough!

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I had a yeast infection around 9 weeks and bled for a few days.  The doc wasn’t sure if I bled from the infection or the one day of treatment with an OTC cream.  I stopped the cream and she said to fight it naturally.  I’ve read that probiotics, garlic internally and externally (smash it up and take it like a pill), a bath with a few cups of apple cider vinegar, and putting some yogurt on a tampon can all help fight it and ease discomfort.  Make sure your yogurt says live cultures.



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