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Anyone willing to admit you like Star Trek?

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Okay. With all the hoopla out there for the upcoming Star Wars movie, I was wondering -- is there anyone out there, besides me who likes and sees some value in Star Trek?
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Some value? More than that.

Though must admit to a severe bias towards the original series and The Next Generation. They had message with the preach and without overload. And they were fun ...

- Amy
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Dh and I have seen every episode of every Star Trek series and all the movies at least once.
Oh geez now I sound like one of those crazy trekies....I don't dress up like spock or anything
I grew up on the stuff....
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Count me in, baby! Tried and true Star Trek fan here.
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Primarily New Generation but yes!
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When I was a kid I liked Star Trek. Then, it went off the air. Then it came back, when I was a bit older and I thought - "what is this sexist stuff?" Captain Kirk's cockyness really got to me. I still can't stand him. Especially after hearing about his porno films. Then came the Next Generation! Ohhh - I've had my only memorable "hot dreams" about Patrick Steward (I don't need porno films)! And I love his leadership tyle, the gifts and weaknesses of the other characters, and some of the topics they have deals with have been absolutely biblical! I've seem the movies, some in German, but as for any other series, since 1996 we've had no TV connections so I've not seen them to judge. I'm so in love with Next generation, though. I model my counseling style after Troy. (like I can "do" that HA!)
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likewise revmami! hate the old stuff, love next generation and voyager - still haven't seen all of those yet

my 11 yo is a big fan too, occasionally we have "marathons" at home, fun for all the family!
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I really like Next Generation. I have a major "crush" on Patrick Stewart.
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Loved TOS as a child. I've watched some of thos episodes on the sifi channel and think to myself, "What was I thinking?" as my kids *laugh* at the acting, sets, and "special effects".

*Love* TNG. My favorite of the series. Piccard is the best capt. ever. A renasainse(sp) man indeed.

I even liked (but not love) DS9 and Voyager.

I don't get to see the latest, Enterprise, every week but I've enjoyed them so far. (You wonder how they got from Jonathan Archer to James Kirk)

Anyway, big Trekkers here

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Personally, I like Worf (once the hair grew).
Did ya all hear there is a new NGen movie coming out in fall/thanksgiving time?

What's this about "kirk" and porn????? Yuck.

I like it all -- although I'm not that excited about "Enterprise". The sets are too dark and the shower scenes are too much for my budding 12 year old. Of corse I only watched a few, guess I'll have to catch up this summer in reruns.

Janeway appeals to me (once she got the knot out of her hair and her personality) -- noone who loves can be all bad.

Question: If you were going to be stranded on a planet with someone, (from one of the shows) who would you want it to be??? And why?
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I'm going to have to think about who I'd want to be stranded with.

Of course, like everyone, I think TNG is classic, Patrick Stewart is just too cool.

Am I the only big DS9 fan here? I hate to even admit this, but I recently went to the Star Trek web site and printed out a complete list of episodes so that I can keep track while I watch them again. Did you know they have all the preview ads online???!!! I ended up daydreaming about having the complete set on DVD.

(I feel like I've been a little too honest here...)
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Captain Pickard - for reasons stated above - I mean it is a hypothetical situation - so my adultery would also only be hypothetical, right? opps - I guess I'm in league with Jimmie Carter and the sinning in my heart stuff - I'll go now and work on that!
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Britt - we posted at the same time - but you just gave me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time - you feel like you've exposed yourself over daydreaming about DVD!! I just put that revelation in line with my day and it seemed so precious! Thanks! I mean - I just shared my secret lust for a man - and you lust for DVD's! :LOL
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I feel great shame about longing to own roughly $800 of Trek episodes. There is more honor in lusting after Patrick Stewart, I'm sure of it!

PS-- My 22-year-old sister has a life size cardboard cut-out of Picard posed in the corner of her living room.
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Okay, so favorite moments? And since we're a little top-heavy in Jean Luc Picard fans, any of those in particular?

I'll offer just one of mine ...

Picard's speech in the "I, Borg" episode justifying sending Hugh back to the collective with the virus ... the glory of the individual ... and of individuality ...

- Amy
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Disliked the origional series.

TNG was thought provoking in many ways.

Voyerger.... weak scripting and plot in the early episodes meant a slow start, but as it progressed, improved until it was very good. Then they ended it just when they could have doen something really creative!!! :

Into DS9, though plots could be deeper and more complex, with, I feel many missed oportunities for applying what they discover about their part of the universe to foight the bad guys.

Looking forward to the new series.

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Me! I am a major fan and have been for years. Though TNG has always been my fav. I own all the movies and have seen them numurous times.
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I would want to be stranded with Picard.

Something about that bald head....
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My hubby and I are DS9 fans all the way. Loved Sisko and Bashear (sp?). I liked the Original, but I didn't grow up with it.

Some of the best moments in Star Trek?
The Undiscovered Country. Fab movie. Capt. Von Trapp as a Kilgon! I loved it.
Wrath of Kahn. Man it still holds up.

Loved the primere of DS9 with Sisko trying to explain how humans lived linearly, yet the aliens pointing out to him that he existed at the time of his wife's death and could not move forward like he should. Very cool.

The DS9 where Sisko dreams they are SciFi writers in the 50's, and his story about a Black Capt. gets him in trouble.

Oh original ST written by Harlan Ellison. "The City on the Edge of Forever" and a couple others although I don't know their names.

The original "The Cage" was very cool. Lady 1st officer. Spock yelling, "The women!" lol!

Oh if this was a Geek test, I lose. Bigtime...

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What I am about to write will forever codnemn me to geekdom in your eyes but here goes....

"The cage" is actually "Menageri" Part 1 and Part 2.

The flashback for manageri is the original pilot of Trek. There *was* a woman first officer (Magel Barrett) and Spock was Science Officer.

The networks had a bird over the female 1st officer but Roddenbery put his foot down to keep Spock (apparently the networks had a lot more power back in the day)

Debra Baker
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