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My *mom* had a big crush on William Shatner. We never missed an episode when I was a kid. (They were already syndicated re-runs at that point.) They used to give me nightmares, especially the one where they land on a planet populated only by children and it turns out that there's a freaky disease that makes you go berserk and die as soon as you reach puberty. Remember that one?

At first I hated TNG, but soon got into it. I can't think of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard. To me, he's always Jane Grey's father from the movie "Lady Jane". The first time I saw TNG, I thought, "What's the Duke of Suffolk doing in a space ship?" Patrick Stewart is a hottie. I used to like Riker a bit too.
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Ryker is a cad.

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You've seen Lady Jane! I thought I was the only person in the universe that had ever seen that movie! I loved it soooo much as a kid! I kept wanting it to go on and on. It was an incredeble influence on my art and my life. Wow. Cool. Woman you rule.


You may be right, but I thought it was the other way around. I thought the Cage was the pilot and the Menagerie was the title that was the flashback. However, eh, what do we care. I think it was great that Roddenberry could use the orignial pilot in the series, and also use Majel Barrett in so many wonderful parts. I wasn't a big NG fan, but I absolutely loved her Mrs. Troi!

Oh for any DS9 fans, my husband aslo wanted to point out "Duet" from 1st season, about Major Kira and her dealings with a captured war criminal as one of the best espisodes ever.


"The brain is a brittle organ Jane. The sightest pressure, and it snaps, if it isn't wrapped up in a little heart." Guilford - Lady Jane
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Here's another one: "On the day I was told I was to be translated into untold bliss, I attended several taverns, witnessed a bear-baiting and was actually found in the Suffolk stews, sampling the pleasures of a lady of the night. *Thus* far, it had been a very good evening. Still, duty calls."--Guildford in "Lady Jane"
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I always loved Next Generation, but never got into the other ones too much.

Have been forced into watching Deep Space Nine a couple of times when I turned it on and found that a former lover of mine had a reoccurring role (!).
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"The Cage" *was* the Pilot (never aired in that form) and it was transformed into "Menagery (sp) I and II.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Have to admit our whole family loves Star Trek in every form
My dad loves the orig...my husband and brothers love all the forms...we even planned a family (my grandparents,parents and siblings) vaca to vegas in order to stay at the Las Vegas Hilton w/ the "star trek experince". My husband once built a friend of ours a shrine that she has devoted to Picard and keeps in her bedroom!
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Measure your geek quotient

Was this a part of your baby's layette?


Hi meister--I must admit that you guys were the first people we thought of when we saw this. We were thinking of sending one to the newest member of your family....

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Hey Britt!
It was not a member of our 'layette', Tim doesnt know they exist! I found them on line one day after Tim had said wouldnt it be great if they made..... I was going to surprise him for fathers day--we think it is a 'hallmark' created day but I thought he would love to see Julia all decked out.
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I love the first two Series. My husband has many of his favorite original series on tape. I think TNG is my favorite series. I didn't like DS9 at first, but towards the end it got much more interesting. Could not stand Voyager and I am not too impressed with Enterprise. I actually have a huge crush on Worf and Captain Picard. One of my favorite episodes is when Geordie, Deanna, Data nd the Captain return to the Enterprise and find what they think is a battle with the Romulans and there are pockets of time everywhere. It reminds me that things are not always what they seem, even with sworn enemies. I think my favorite movie is First Contact, with the Borg. Yes, I too am a geek. I don't even have a child yet and I want to buy that little romper.
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Funny, I never thought about TOS being more cerebral, although if you focus on Spock, perhaps it is. It seems to me that the main object of most episodes was for Kirk to hook up with the hot alien chick of the week--so "juicier" is an apt description. I agree that the characters on TOS are more appealing. I always liked Chekov and Scotty. TOS was funnier. TNG seemed to take itself more seriously.
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I would agree that TOS was more cerebral. They were also much more cutting edge for their time. They were able to deal with social issues like racism, war & peace and prejudice in a way that other shows were not because everything was couched in "outer space" terms. I have a lot of respect for that reason. I also agree that TNG takes itself more seriously. There was a constant undercurrent of comedy in TOS which is lacking in TNG. But I think the Borg are one of the best bad guys ever dreamed up.
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Agreed about the Borg, but I think "The Founders" Vs the worm hole have a pretty interesting dynamic.

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TNG is lacking the humor of the original series and DSN seems to not have found it's self; a little disjointed, I think.
The original series is by far the more cerebral, witty, and thought provoking. Not to mention that William Shatner is completely amazing as Capt. Kirk.... the man is a genius!
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Joining this thread a little late, but count me in. I have to go against the grain a little here--I love Voyager! But I was TNG fan while in college. I drooled over Warf and Captain Picard. The pickin's are slim on Voyager but I have a soft spot for Chakotay even though he's a bit cheesy. I have to admit--I think Harry Kim and Neelix would make good AP dads! I can't get into DS9 though.
Star Trek is the reason I haven't seriously pursued the idea of getting rid of the t.v.!
No cardboard cutouts or babyrompers here, but we do have several tapes of the Voyager Marathon (labeled cryptically by dh, it tooks me weeks to figure out what VOGERMA was).
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Hel-LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All this talk about Picard, how about the delectable Capt Archer? Scott Bakula has been my biggest crush since the days of Quantum Leap (those eyes...). I was very excited to see Dean Stockwell in a guest role a few weeks ago. I'm quite enjoying this series, the rest I have really watched since the original Star Trek.. (and I admit that I also used to have a crush on Shatner, but those Priceline commercials put me right off..)
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My dh and I love Star Trek and all the movies. We like all the series, but nothing was as fun as Next Generation and Q!
We like to make up stories about what Weslie is doing(remember the Dr's son, he left to be like a Q)
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Ah yes...Q....what a wonderful concept!
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Oh, c'mon, stacysmom, Wesley is the Jar-Jar of Star Trek.

I sort of imagine him marooned in the delta quadrent or something LOL.

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Poor Wesley. I never thought he deserved the abuse heaped on him. What happened to him in the storyline, anyway? I lost him after he went to Starfleet Academy. Did I miss something?

- Amy
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