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Safe de-tangler spray for kids?

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I'm working on switching to safer personal care products.  Right now we use a detangler spray from Paul Mitchell for the kids to combat morning bed-head (we bathe them at night).  Any recommendations for a safe, natural alternative?



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In the morning I just use water in a squirt bottle. Sorry to say that after baths I use Suave - which doesn't fit your requirements - but is the one and only thing that works for my long-haired kiddos. The more natural brands I've used were ridiculously ineffective. Hopefully someone comes along with a great tip! 

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I luck out that my daughter has very straight hair so it doesn't get too tangled.  If she bathes at night I usually put it in a loose braid to keep it from tangling when she sleeps since her hair is so long (hits just below her waistband).  In the morn I just use a spray bottle with water to make it damp and style it.  She always has her hair tied back and 90% of the time it's braided so that way it doesn't get tangled during the day as well.  She's 6 and she's been "no poo" for the past few years.  I don't put anything in her hair at all not even baking soda.  The only time her hair gets "washed" is if she's got dirt or something on her scalp from playing outside that I can't get off with water :)

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I've heard Noli n Nali has a good leave in for kids. I've tried California Baby's detangler, but the smell is a little strong for me. I'm going to try some CJ BUTTers in my daughter hair tonight as a leave in. I've heard lots of people have good results with that.

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I found this recipe for leave in conditioner made with aloe vera juice and have been using it with some success.  


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Bamboo or silk pillowcases may help lessen the tangles during sleep. You can also just try rubbing a wee bit of coconut oil in the hair in the morning, or make a spray of water and a little coconut or olive oil.
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I use the Aubrey Organics detangler for my daughter's hair and it works magic. Smells so great also. My daughter has lightly curly, thick, long hair.

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