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Looking for some tips/stories of things to do with my 3yr old while breastfeeding newborn

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Hi Everyone!

The birth of my second child is nearing and I am starting to get nervous of how my 3 yr old son is going to handle having mommies attention spilt :( I am a stay at home mom and my son is VERY high energy haha what 3yr old isn't I suppose. I am looking for some ideas, tips and stories to help ease some of my anixety for when I come home with baby and hubby goes back to work. I am not sure of what kind of activities to try to engage my son in while I'm nursing the little one.

Thanks In Advance!

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Well, I don't have any experience yet, but I'm headed the same place you are... new baby due July, and I have a 3 year old daughter.  I'm not sure how she'll be while I have to sit and feed the baby, but I've been trying to think of how I might handle it.  Maybe, "It's time to feed our baby... sit here with me and I will read you a book while we feed him..."  She likes to be read to... or, "Go get your baby doll and you can feed her while I feed our baby boy."  Or maybe a special stash of toys, books or puzzles in the "feeding our baby basket" that she can have out while I'm feeding and then put away until the next feeding.  (It's the putting away part that might be hard... she won't want to).  Or even just getting out a toy she hasn't played with in a while and hope the novelty will help.  I have an iPhone, so I guess if I'm desperate there's always letting her play with her apps on my phone, or turning on some kids show from the DVR or a DVD.  Might have to resort to that, but hopefully she will adjust and be able to self-entertain for 30 minutes or so.  I think it might just be hard at first... maybe playing "helper" ie, "please go get mama a burpie..."  "baby boy is going to need a new diaper/swaddle blankie/lovey/whatever, can you please go find one..."


Maybe some moms with some actual experience will help us out here!!!

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We've been working on him turning the pages in his books so that he can hold the book and I can read considering I wont have a free hand haha. I like the idea of the feeding baby toy basket thats a good idea!

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My first often nursed in "the" chair with the boppy. Baby #2 just nursed everywhere and anywhere because I needed to be near the toddler.

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hi there. I'm new to nursing but thought I'd share. My 1st is 4.5 and my 2nd is almost 3 weeks now. we have the recliner set up as my nursing area b/c it just was not realistic to set up in the bedroom. we read books and play a lil bean bag toss game while im nursing #2. and i do have #1 be my little helper. I also have pre-selected stuff on drv or dvd if he (#1) is having a hard time or if he (#2) is having a marathon nursing session. (if all else fails maybe ur lil one would like to nurse a toy?


Good luck momma and i thought i might add it really isn't as hard on any of us as i thought it might be.

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Thanks so much! I tend to over worry about stuff before its even here! I like to be over planned vs under planned so all these tips are really great!

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The feeding baby basket sounds like a great idea! My dd will be almost three when baby is born. We're planning on breaking the bank and buying her a new doll, a child's size mob wrap, doll sized cloth diapers, and possibly getting her a toy washing machine. I want her to be able to play mommy while I am feeding or caring for the baby. Maybe some of that stuff might work for your DS?
Don't worry too much. My older brother was very high energy and wild when my mom was pregnant. She swears that things got easier for her when I was born, because my brother was fascinated by the new baby. It seemed to give him a sense of purpose or something. We've been really close ever since.
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I didn't think about that good thing I haven't gone easter shopping yet! I think a broom and child size house things is a great idea!

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I have a 2.5 yo DD and a 6 wk DS.  I find the designated feeding area idea fascinating cuz I am nursing DS EVERYWHERE!  Essentially I nurse in every part of every room, often walking around.  I have strategically placed water bottles, boppies, pillows, burp clothes, baby slings all throughout the house.  Sure I have a favorite nursing spot in each room but it doesn't work for me to sit there. It just doesn't seem interactive enough for DD and me.  A lot of times I will start at the glider or the bed but DD wants me to do stuff with her then I just walk over with DS nursing to the book shelf/play tent/sofa/futon/TV/whatever.  We don't have a designated nursing time activity for DD either.  With DS nursing every 1-1.5 hours, I can't imagine making DD do same kind of activity with each feeding!  We just do everything.  Having the baby didn't affect the kind of play we do much.  Sometimes I just hold DS sometimes I wear him.  But here are the things we do that come to my mind now...


-watching family photos on my computer


-listening to music (together) and dancing (just DD, haven't tried nursing & dancing at the same time!)

-watching DVDs (I know, I know)

-folding laundry

-doing wooden puzzles and sinple board games

-talking and really having conversations (amazed DD is old enough for this!)

-pretending to be mommy/baby depending on her mood

-running off by herself into another part of the house and then talking to me from there "mommy, guess where I am"

-playing in our backyard playground



Now, having mommy's attention split is a whole different beast from how to spend the nursing time.  DD had a pretty rough couple of weeks right after the baby with night terrors and all.  I'm so glad DH was home to help weather through that.  Now DD is playing with DS, which surprised me.  Last week DD was playing peekaboo with DS and they were both laughing!  So precious.  I thought it wouldn't happen until baby was like 6 months or something.  But DD still has rare moments when she just need me without the baby.  And that is a really tough call.  I can see DD is distraught and she begs me to put down the nursing baby and hold her.  And you know what, I actually do.  Just a few moments really means the world to DD and baby cries a bit but he's OK, at least that's what I tell myself.  Also since the baby, DD is not sleeping through the night (she did since 9-10 months old).  Most nights she wakes up 2x, calls for me crying, then asks me to bring her something like milk or yogurt.  I tuck her in, say I will bring it, kiss her forehead then leave.  She falls asleep and I don't have to bring anything.  She just wants the assurance.  These are the things that seem to help...

-I (not DH) always go to her at night, sometimes with DS nursing on me

-as soon as DS is asleep, we do something special

-I talk to DD and baby about each other "baby isn't DD a such a nice sister for bringing you this onesie?" "DD, what did the baby say, oh, baby talk?"

-I "make" baby wait for mommy "baby, mommy's helping your sister right now, mommy's coming right back"

-lots of hugs/kisses/body contact with DD

-give DD choices as much as I can handle (DD's & DS's wardrobe, activities, what to eat, etc.)

-talk about DD"s emotions/needs with her (again amazed DD is old enough for this!)

-have special Daddy/DD activity where mommy or baby is not allowed (music class, gardening, kite flying, etc)


Overall, I am pretty tired, but having the baby & toddler is not nearly as hard as I had feared couple months ago.  So good luck to you and just try to stay positive and get help where you can.

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