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He's Here!! Our first AMAZING home birth!!! (ETA birth story)

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Our little boy arrived yesterday at 6:30ish pm (I haven't looked at the "official time" yet) after about 20 hours of slow gentle labor; my contractions were never closer than 6-7 minutes apart.  Our home birth team was amazing; the birth itself was amazing.  We are all on cloud nine over here and feeling great! 

No name yet, but he was WAY bigger than I expected!! 8lbs. 14oz, 21.5" with a 14.5" head.  



ETA: Birth Story


Friday April 8th, DH and I went to the wedding rehearsal of two friends; DH was supposed to be a groomsman on Saturday.  Later we went to dinner with the rest of the wedding party.  Towards the end of the night, I noticed that the contractions I had been feeling for a couple of weeks were coming at pretty regular intervals (~ every 10 minutes).   We left around 9:30 and headed home.  Once we were home, I jumped in the bath to see if I could get things to slow down.  I thought that maybe I had just been on my feet too long.  We went to bed early, and for most of the night, I noticed that I was having a contraction every 5-6 minutes and that they were increasing in intensity.  We called our midwife Paula at about 6:00am on Saturday to let her know things were happening.  She stopped by to drop-off her supplies and get things set-up and checked me for progress.  I was only about 3cm dilated, and things were going well, so Paula left us to labor on our own.  The whole day Saturday went by pretty quickly, I continued to have contractions every 5-7 minutes.  My labor was very manageable; it was so similar to DD's!  I spent the day walking around, rocking on the birth ball, on hands and knees, etc…  My mom kept DD entertained for the day, so it was nice to just hang out in “laborland “ all day with just DH and myself.  Our midwives Paula and Diana came back a little after 2:00pm and finished getting everything organized for the birth.  We were a little doubtful that I had made much progress since my contractions were still about 6-7 minutes apart, so Paula checked me, and we were excited to discover that I was 6cm dilated.   Paula and Diana hung-out and let DH and I continue to labor on our own.  Around 4:00, things were picking up in intensity, so I had DH call our friend. and birth photographer, Jeni to come over.  I was chatting with Jeni once she got to the house, and she asked how far along I was; I said I didn’t know and asked Paula to check me again.  When she told me that I was 9cm with almost no cervix, I was elated!  We did a little rebozo sifting to try to get the baby into a little better position for birth, and then I labored on my own while DH started filling the bathtub.  I relaxed in the tub for a while before getting out to go pee one last time while waiting for the pushing urge to begin.  That time in the tub was very relaxing; I was crying a little while telling everyone that I was so excited to be meeting my baby soon, but I was also sad that DD was no longer going to be my baby!  I felt like I was making really good progress on the toilet, so I stayed there until I really started to push.  I then got in the tub and got to work.  The pushing phase this time around seemed so much more intense than it was with DD! I pushed for about 45 minutes (that was with large breaks in between contactions).  When Paula asked how I was feeling, I laughed and told her that I was feeling like I wanted to get this baby out soon!  Once I had decided that enough was enough, I let out a few roaring pushes, and our baby boy slid right into Daddy’s hands.   We let the cord finish pulsing before DH cut it, and I got out of the tub and moved to the bed to deliver the placenta.   Paula was surprised to see that I had absolutely no tearing at all after pushing out a large 14.5” head with a nuchal hand (same as DD!).   We all hung-out on the bed afterward while Diana showed us the placenta (apparently it was gigantic as well).   Soon after DH went to get DD (she had been playing outside); as soon as she came into the room she yelled “baby!”.  She was smitten with him from the beginning and had kisses for all three of us.  I started nursing baby brother, and DD decided that she needed to join in, so we had our first tandem nursing session.  The midwives finished-up the newborn assessment and we were all surprised when Paula announced that the little man measured in at 21.5” and weighed 8lbs 14oz.  Once we were all cleaned and dressed, we went to the living room and pigged-out on a huge taco meal that my mom had prepared; she even baked a birthday cake!!  After dinner, we all climbed into bed and fell asleep for our first time as a family of four!  The birth was the most amazing and empowering experience of my life, and I couldn’t have imagined it being any more perfect!  

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Congratulations!  I can't wait to hear the birth story! 

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Congrats!!   Yay for a slow mellow labor and a happy mama!  

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Congrats, allical!  Looking forward to your birth story, baby name and baby pix!

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joy.gifCONGRATS TO YOU!!!  joy.gif


can't wait to hear the whole story and see some pics

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congratulations! Sounds like an amazing birth. Enjoy your babymoon!

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congrats!  I am so excited for what a wonderful labor and delivery you had.  Can't wait to hear details! :-)


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Congrats!! Happy babymoon!!flowersforyou.gif

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Congratulations!!!!!   joy.gif

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Fantastic!  Enjoy your babymoon!



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bumping for birth story addition

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that sounds like such a great birth!!  and you got out of going to the wedding!!! LOL!

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What a fantastic story.  Tearing up here!  Just lovely.  Such a wonderful day for your family.  joy.gif

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What a wonderful story!  Congrats! joy.gif

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Sounds like a wonderful labor, congrats!

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OH my goodness I'm in tears girl!!! That's such an awesome story, I'm SO SO SOOOO happy for you. What an amazing event it was, I"m sure!! <3 <3


Congrats again!!

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