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Can anyone recommend a good online birth announcement site?   Here is the criteria I'm looking for: 


Must have: 


*Guests must NOT have to register or give personal information in order to open the announcement 

*Ease of use for guests 

*Good design software (or else why not just create an e-mail?)  


Would like it to have: 


*I like some of the one's I've browsed that allow for comments - very fun/interactive, IMO

*Forward-ability so that guests can send to others - grandparents "bragging rights"  

*Free is always nice ;-)   Though I would be happy to pay a fee for a guest friendly, ad-free site that had lots of good features  

*Space for extra birth / baby info beyond the basic announcement info  

*Printable/downloadable sized images if guests want to have an IRL photo  


Thanks for your input!!