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What do you do to be prepared for birth anytime?

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I am now in week 39, and I am trying to be prepared for birth starting at any time now, keeping in mind that I may well stay preggo for 3 more weeks or more. But anyway; I try to be prepared by keeping the house fairly in order, stocking up on groceries etc. But the mental thing is wearing on me now. I am a bit tired of anticipating signs and staying emotionally and mentally ready every day and night. It feels so strange knowing that I am about to run a marathon very soon, I just don't know when it will start! 


I try to:

- go to bed relatively early so that I have had a chance to sleep some should it start in the early hours

- stay hydrated and well fed throughout the day

- take pauses, small naps

- treating myself to positive affirmations daily

- visualizing my dream birth

- keeping a good dialogue with DH so that we are ready to do this together


I would love to get some input as to how you are all coping! Please tell me what you do to be ready, mamas! 


PS: I am not impatient, I feel calm. It is not like this is totally dominating our days, our normal lives goes on pretty much like normal. So I am not obsessing. I would just like to hear how you are all dealing with this "it-can-happen-any-minute-periode-of-our-lives" :)








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I'm 40 weeks, 2 days and doing the same things as you, making sure the kitchen is stocked, the house is fairly tidy and that I'm getting some rest. I still need to put a waterproof mattress cover on the bed in case my water breaks at night.


I'm trying to block out negative and worrying thoughts. I'm also working on fully relaxing my body and mind, so that I'm not tensed up and stressed. Mainly, I'm trying to stay busy and distracted: watching lots of Netflix, chugging lots of water, working a bit in the garden, doing some light house cleaning and running short errands with DH.

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I'm just trying to keep the kitchen ready so my parents can make meals for the kids while we're gone.


I'm trying to stay caught up in laundry so they have decent clothes to dress them in as well.


And that's as far as I've gotten!

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I am feeling the need to:

-keep the kitchen stocked with lots of healthy snacks and lots of drinks

-go to bed no later than 10 every night

-keep my hair clean (that probably sounds weird, but last time I was pregnant I didn't feel like washing my hair one night, but did it anyways and ended up having the baby 10 hours later, and I was really glad I didn't have oily looking hair in pictures or feel like I needed take a shower sooner than I felt up to it).

-ideally I'd like the kitchen and bathroom to always be clean but that's not in my control since my hands are totally swollen and painful.

-Maybe when I get closer to my dd (technically I am in the May ddc) we will start using paper plates since my dh is not really able to keep the kitchen clean . . .

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40 weeks 2 days today and doing most of the same things as the OP. Also started eating our freezer meals and using disposable dishes about a week ago since cooking and dishes are our two sore spots when it comes to chores.

Otherwise, just working on my to do list and trying to balance keeping busy/active with getting enough rest and not wearing myself out.
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I'm trying to keep on top of the laundry, keep the dishes washed up, floors swept, bathroom cleaned, groceries stocked, leftover eaten up, etc.  I'm trying to stay well-rested & well-fed & freshly-showered.

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Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post

 I'm trying to stay well-rested 

That's my issue at the moment. To try to stay well rested and ready MENTALLY and emotionally, is just so darn difficult 24/7, while balancing work and taking care of the kids and feeding us all and ...and... It feels like sitting next to a volcano that could erupt at anytime ;)

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I am 37w4d and trying to spend as much time with my first as possible as I know our one on one time will be shorten once his little brother makes his appreance.


To the shower thing I second you there! Silly but one of my tops =)


Trying to stay on top of laundry only doing one of maybe 2 loads a day as I have to go to the basement for laundry and its quite difficult


Keeping the fridge stocked and freezing any leftovers we have


and double checking my packed bags only 2 or 3 times a day haha

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Interesting list; 101 things to do when you're close to giving birth... 2whistle.gif



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I started shaving my legs every other day instead of every other week ROTFLMAO.gif

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I'm totally shaving my legs more often!  


I'm due this weekend.  I'm trying to keep on top of the laundry and the dishes, and just general tidiness.  I think I'm less worried about labor than I am about having a friend come to my messy house in the middle of the night to look after DD!  I had a hair appointment last week, since I don't know when I'll have the time or energy (or alone time) to go once the baby's here, and I meant to go get my eyebrows threaded today but totally forgot.  


My biggest thing is that I'm trying to rest and get plenty of sleep.  Before I had DD, I stayed really busy the week or so before my due date, and then I had prodromal labor for several days, and I was too keyed up to rest.  I don't think the exhaustion helped during my labor, and I certainly don't think it did me any good during the newborn phase.  I know I'm going to have plenty to keep me busy once this baby comes, since I have an older child to look after as well, and I'm just trying to remember that it will all be MUCH harder if I'm already exhausted going into it.

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