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Warner Robins/ Macon area

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DH put in for a job in Warner Robins. My 3 year old has Autism, and I'm looking for resources, and general info about the area. Can anyone help me out?

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Hi, isign.  I live in Perry, which is right near Warner Robins and have a nine-year-old Aspie.  I'm not sure what kind of info you're looking for in terms of autism.  Our son goes to a psychiatrist in WR that we really like and we have used a therapist in Macon we really liked.  Our experience with the schools have been hit and miss.  We went to one primary school that was excellent and many schools are now offering more programs. 


As far as general info, the WR/Perry area is a predominantly conservative, Christian one.  (No judgment, just info...)  There is a lot of shopping and dining in WR and in nearby Macon, which also has a few neat museums.  The Air Force base in WR has a museum which kids seem to really like.  There is a wildlife preserve in Perry that is neat to go hiking in (watch out for hunters in season) and a few state parks nearby.  There's a big fair every year in Perry that folks really like. 

The weather is pretty warm most of the year, with the hottest time of year being July-September.  We've had snow/sleet the past two years in winter, but that's really not common.


If you need any more info, let me know.

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