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if you chose 3 or less vaccinations, which ones?

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i don't want to get into the particulars of my situation, but i am curious: if you went with a very selective vaccination schedule - let's say 3 or less (okay if there were more shots in a series), which ones were they, and how old was your child when you gave them. if you're feeling gabby, why did you choose the ones you did?

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I delayed vax my children although they will be completing all of what is required for school. Our state is a religious/medical exemption only and I am not yet to the point where I'd feel comfortable about lying about my religious inclinations.


But, if I were to choose only 3, they would be





The above 2 because we regularly travel to my home country where Polio and Diphtheria are still prevalent.


3rd would be Hepatitis B, but my son started the series around the time he started playing around playgrounds (3 y.o.) and he might be more prone to having cuts and wounds.


If I were to add a 4th, it would be chickenpox, in case they don't get it during childhood and is starting to enter puberty.

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I started the dtap series when DD was a bit over 3 yrs. She's had 2 so far. I will get one more. I'm considering MMR and 1 dose of hib when she goes for the 3rd dtap. But I might not choose those..yet...we'll see!

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I'm a non-vaxxer, but just for kicks, I'll join this discussion;)  I think it depends on your situation.  Do you breastfeed? Does your child attend daycare?  Are there any health problems to consider?  Is there anything that a dr. that you trust thinks is a must?


I had an ND who thought that the dtap was very important, but didn't think it should be given before 6 months.  I had another ped/homeopathic dr. who thought that hib was the most important.  I didn't get hib because we had NO risk factors for that disease other than the fact that my son was younger than 2. 


If I had to choose 3, in my situation (breastfed, no daycare, healthy children) I'd probably do the dtap after 6 or 9 months, polio and I'd do MMR after 10yrs old or so.  If my child was in daycare or had health issues, I'd do dtap, hib and prevnar (hib and prevnar are supposed to be together because having one without the other is said to put you at risk for the disease for which the other protects ). I wouldn't do any before 6 months and I'd do them one at a time so I could watch carefully for reactions.  

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My daughter has been in daycare from a young age, tolerated all her shots really well, and barely been sick despite several bugs going around more vaccinated kids at daycare. We started at 2 months and did 2 shots per visit, none of them combo coctails. We followed the doctor's lead on which shots to do when since she is very supportive of alternative schedules. I breastfed till almost 2 and by then we were caught up on all the important ones. I had thought I would wait a little longer to do MMR but did it by itself at 18 months because she had not had any noticeable reactions and we were contemplating overseas travel. I think DTaP, Hib and Prevnar were the first priorities. DTaP because it is present in the area and dangerous for infants, and the others I think may have been higher risk because of daycare. The chances of getting or spreading HepB are pretty slim, and HepA and chicken pox are also low risk of catching here and generally pretty benign for kids so she has not had those. The law in my state says you need to have a religious opposition to the requirement, not the vaccines themselves so I don't see a moral issue with filing a religious exemption.

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I gave both of my babies DtaP starting at six months.  I wanted their immune system to develop a LITTLE before introducing vaccines, but I also wanted to avoid them catching pertussis as babies.  The plan is to finish the five doses of DtaP.


DD started her MMR series at age 2, and that’s when I’ll start DS.  Starting at two lessens the doses to two (v. three doses if you start at 18 months).  I also may forego the second dose and do titers testing instead. 


Finally, I recently decided to do polio.  You can read this thread for more details.  DS started at 18 months, and DD will start her series in a couple of weeks. 


I would have considered Prevnar had they gone to daycare, but I’m leery about its ingredients.  In retrospect, while I’m not super worried about my kids getting or spreading HIB, I could have done that vax, and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

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We do DTaP (for the pertussis) and Hib on schedule. 

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we are selectively vaxing.  we began vaxing DD at her 6 month WBV.  so far we've given her DTaP, Polio & Hib.  we've never given her more than one vax at a time and usually have at least a month in between shots.  why did we choose these shots?  stephanie cave's book & the advice of a midwife.

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