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Suggestion for using public restrooms

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My little girl will pee at a public toilet when we go out.  Now can someone please give me advice on the logistics of how to do this.  I normally try to use the handicapped stall because it is bigger.  Given there is no where to put her down I find myself struggling to get her out of the sling, undressed, hold her clothes diaper and wiggling baby.  Then she pees and I have to somehow reverse this whole process, I can't seem to find a smooth way to do this.  My DD is just shy of three months old.  Thanks.

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Well, I usually try to find a bathroom somewhere that isn't a large public washroom, just a single bathroom (if that makes sense).  So if I'm at the mall instead of going to the food court bathroom which is really big, loud and busy, I either go into the Starbucks which has its own dedicated washroom or into the nursing room which also has 2 smaller individual "stalls" that are actually their own little rooms.  Not always an option obviously, but that's what I do when I can.  If I have to use a busier washroom, I either undress DS on my lap, same as you.  He's big enough now that I can just sit on the toilet after he pees and get him to stand on my lap while I pull up his trainers and put on his pants, etc.  When he was smaller I either took him out with a bare bottom to a change table or sat on the toilet and used my lap as a change table facing DS's legs away from me so he couldn't kick off my chest and push himself off my lap.  It gets easier once DC is a little stronger for sure!

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I have the same problem!  I lay baby on the floor to get him dressed and undressed.  I look for a private place (ie no one can see me laying baby on the floor because I know nosy people here would say it was too cold to lay a 3 mo old on the floor).  I carry a fold up changing mat with me and plastic bags or travel potty (in case there is no toilet or sink in the changing area).  There are places I avoid (sadly, this includes one of the public libraries) because there is no way to potty DS until he can stand assisted.  I am sure this phase will be over soon.

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If you can strip her down before entering the restroom that helps. If you have a sling you can put Ger clothes diaper in it while holding her. I've gotten good at changing her in my lap-i cross an ankle over my knee and support her head with the crossed knee if that makes sense. But it's awkward. Nicer depth stores have that foyer before the bathroom with couches..those are nice for changing. I prefer to carry her naked butt through a store if they don't offer changing facilities until I find a good spot...it might motivate them to make it more baby friendly...good luck!

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