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acne help--teen boy

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Hi- My 15 yo DS has recently developed acne. Any practical suggestions about effective products for a teen BOY? I read through other threads on this, but suggested regimes seemed too involved for most guys to stick with. Unfortunately for him, both his dad and I dealt with acne....genetics are not on his side for this one! Thanks~

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I just got these for my 12 year old, because he won't do the whole regimen either and his face was starting to break out.

He uses them morning and night.
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Honestly, my son, 13, has no problem using the regular face washes and creams that many girls use, but its for both sexes.  He uses the clean and clear oil free face wash now alone, but he used to use all the kit before, he still does whenever he gets breakouts.  It really works for him.

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DS1 is 15 and uses generic Clearasil cream and Oxypads.  Do they work?  Heck, I don't know.  He is pretty good about using them routinely, but I honestly don't know what his skin would look like if he didn't use them.  Our ped told us to have him wash his face with a bit of shampoo because it cuts oil so well.  But my son thought that was dumb advice.  He used to get mad at me for buying generics until I had him compare ingredients and he realized the $5 difference was just paying for a brand name.  The skin thing is hard for the child and the parent both, I think.  Good luck!

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