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Greats news every body. For 48 hours now, Gavin has been strictly breast fed. :) It's hard sometimes; especially struggling through the midnight hour the first night I tried to stick through even though he'd scream in hunger. I just nursed him again, and again, until he was satiated, and that seems to have worked. It still takes a while to nurse him - he has his nursing session Part 1, then a diaper change because he always eliminates during the first half of nursing, then I nurse him again after the diaper change, and off to bed he goes. He'll still get bottle-fed when my fiance and I are out and leave him here; but other than that, nursing more often definitely does bump up the supply. I'm also thrilled with the connection it seems to have initiated - I'll leak approximately 10 minutes before he starts crying out in hunger. It's an awesome clock.
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thumb.gif  Great job mama!

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congrats! it does get lots easier. I do have a couple of suggestions. turn your clock so you can't see what time it is from the bed. clock watching through the middle of the night makes you feel more tired. practice nursing laying down during the day when you're not tired, it does get a lot easier once baby has head control, but it's possible to get down earlier if you work at it. 


I didn't cloth diaper my DD until she was 9 months old, and then only did part-time at first. and she's still in a disposable at night and for some outings. I started ECing with her part-time at 12 months, she still goes in the potty less than half the time, and never when not at home (she's scared of the big potty)


this time I was planning on just using one pack of disposables and starting EC right away. well, he doesn't poop at night, so he's wearing a disposable at night, and also on some outings. I haven't even introduced a cueing sound for EC yet and he's 3.5 weeks. my goal with that is to introduce a cueing sound ASAP (he does go during diaper changes) and start trying to make one catch a day starting at 6 weeks (when breastfeeding usually starts to get much easier).

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