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We use the same baskets every year--such a sweet tradition, and it's the way we did it growing up.  A little candy, some bubbles, maybe a matchbox car (we can never have enough of those at our house). 


They'll have new (to us) clothes, but I planned for that when I did our spring shopping at consignment sales.  I have boys, so they'll just wear their regular shoes. 


I might splurge and spend $20 extra on Easter dinner, though.

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Nothing here.  We are religious, but don't get into the whole Easter Bunny and Easter basket thing.  My parents sent the kids some church clothes and the ILs will probably send something as well, but it's not a big deal to us.

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We've spent just under $80 on 4 kids.  This includes:


1 pr gardening gloves each

1 set of gardening tools each

1 watering can each

1 ceramic planter each

1 packet wildflower seeds each

assorted candy (mostly chocolate that DH was insistent on)


and the book Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots for the whole family.


We reuse the same baskets each year and they each have a mama-knitted bunny that gets reused to identify their basket.  We also have wet felted wool eggs that get reused and a few plastic eggs if we need them.  We try to reuse as much as we can and fill their baskets w/ practical things.  This year's theme was gardening b/c we've been adding more houseplants inside the house and we've been talking more about the changes we're going to be making to outside the house (gardens, landscaping,etc).


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I love the flower pot idea!  My kids would really go for that, and it would avoid buying more plastic junk.  Thanks for the idea! 

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Originally Posted by TiredX2 View Post


I haven't decided if the two chocolate covered bunnies are going in their baskets or my belly.

Too funny!  The only reason I spent so much on candy was because I wanted to have extra for me to eat ;)

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About $3-5, depending on where I buy a few pieces of candy (robins eggs, M&Ms, Skittles or Starburst or Jelly Belly jelly beans -- all single serving sizes) and one small chocolate something.


We reuse the same basket that I have had for 20 years and I don't bother with grass of any kind.


DD's birthday is between Christmas and Easter. When I plan gifts before Christmas (most shopping is done on Black Friday), I include all three gift-giving occasions. This year, though, DD got her ears pierced for her 10th birthday and that was it in the way of gifts. (It was $75+ since I took her to a professional piercing studio and she chose titanium CBR earrings.) So, now I have a plethora of gifts that are mostly clothes and will need to be given sooner rather than later or she'll outgrow them (definitely cannot wait until next Christmas) plus some earrings since the timing is perfect for the healing period. The earrings are technically a set (5 or 6 pairs), but I am likely to give just one pair at a time. (They are a nice set of quality gemstone earrings that I got on overstock over a year ago in anticipation of her wanting pierced ears for her 9th birthday.) There is a game, too, but it might wait until next Christmas or move to the gift box for others. At her age now, I do not like to have a stockpile of gifts for her. Her tastes change more rapidly and she is more aware of hiding places. winky.gif



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Not much.  Eggs are in the barn, egg dye is easy, as we have gobs of things to make dye out of, or if we buy it, it is like $3.  I have ingredients for our traditional coconut bunny cake in the pantry, and I haven't decided if we'll have duck, rabbit, or a small whole feral pig for our feast.  We have asparagus in the patch out back, and the kids most look forward to the deviled eggs!  I reuse baskets, and grass.  I reuse plastic eggs, and will buy one bag of chocolate to put inside.  We all love the egg dyeing and hunting more than anything else.  Oh, and next week we'll blow out some guinea eggs (because the shells are so strong) to decorate w/bleeding art paper and jewels for our "egg tree".  We get a branch out of the woods and decorate it w/our decoupaged eggs and pretty ribbons.  It's beautiful!


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Chicky, what's the best way to make dye?
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Originally Posted by SeekingSerenity View Post

Chicky, what's the best way to make dye?



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$0 Easter is a religious holiday for us not a gift giving occasion.  Besides the fact that grandparents always feel the need to buy presents as it is.

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We are going to visit extended family on my side and are going to burn 30 gallons of nearly $4 a gallon gas.


I might buy an egg dyeing kit and a few misc things after I get there, if my mom hasn't already done it.

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