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Read Fallon's breastfeeding info on the WAPF.  It will really make you angry.  I gave up on her, and the discussingNT group years ago because of this. 


In reference to the stock cooling question, the issue is the efficiency of conduction versus convection in temperature change.  An ice water bath cools by conduction and convection.  Sticking it in the fridge, just convection. 


As for the whole grains issue, for a lot of us, when we think about traditional diets, our thinking does not go back 500 or even 1,000 years.  Our thinking goes back further than Ancient Egyptians, whose fossil records do not indicate robust health.  Therefore, though grains would have occaisionally been processed, they would have also been eaten whole, or roughly processed and fermented.  And they would only have been eaten seasonally, and even then in small amounts.  Recall that Paleo peoples may have gathered and stored grain, but that the mice would have helped themselves to their portion, and that no one was eating grain-based diets except in periods of need.  It think that traditional peoples would have had the sense to know that too many grains hurt their bellies.  But I also think that they would have been colonized with bacteria to help digest the grains, from all the soaking, souring, and fermenting going on everywhere, without spray cleaners to remove the bacteria from their lives.  Surely every toddler would have stuck a hand in the soaking, souring pot!