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Is babywearing social?

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Do you think that babywearing has made your baby more social? I always get comments about how social Aaron is - he looks people in the eye, talks, and is rarely shy. While I know it's mostly his personality, I think that it also has to do with being in the sling when he was little, up at eye level instead of looking at knees in a stroller. Anyone else?
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I don't know! Thats' interesting to think about!

I would also think that being up by mama more means they hear ALL of our conversations, instead of 2 feet lower in a stroller or whatnot.

I think AP in general exposes your kids to more verbal-ness (is that a word?). Because if they're in a swing/saucer/stroller/crib/whatever they're not immersed in your language as deeply..... every step towards AP brings them closer to your words....

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I definitely think it does. One reason to sling is so that your baby is part of your life, seeing what you do and being close to your voice and touch. They are isolated in cribs and swings, they just know their own little swing world and don't get the chance to see what it is that mommy and daddy are doing.
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Absolutely! My daughter is very social, and I think a lot of that is because she's always up at eye level and involved in my social interactions on a regular basis. How could that not help teach her social skills earlier than if she were unable to hang out "up here" until she could get around to it by herself? But I don't think that all sling-babies are going to be highly social creatures. A lot of it comes down to personality. Just like adults, some children like to interact more or less than others.

Another bonus I've found with slinging is that my daughter can hide when she wants to. She recently went through a stage (they said it would happen!) where she didn't really want to interact with anyone outside of mama or daddy. In the sling she could just duck her head down against my chest and get away when someone spoke to her and she wasn't interested. I don't think she would have had that escape in a stroller.

I also agree with Kimberly... Parents who sling are also more likely to do other things to be attached with their babies. So that combination of actions has to make a big impact!
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Definitely! When my dd was 4 months old, I opened a business. She was with me, in the sling for about 4-6 hours a day. By 6 months she was saying "hi" and "bye" whenever customers came in or out the door. She is very verbal and started making simple sentences at 16 months. Right now she's 18 months and talks so much she even talks to herself while she's playing :LOL
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Absolutely! In fact there's a section at the end of "The No Cry Sleep Solution" that talks about this very thing...
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Perhaps the greatest benifit of baby wearing is the social interaction that it provides to the mother. I always have conversations with strangers about my ds, carrier, or sling. For a new mother I think it could really help her self esteem.
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I don't know.... I think just keeping your kids very close to you (AP) makes them more social. I didn't sling my first or second, and they drive me bananas sometimes because they will talk to anyone.

We were the poster family for "anti-social" for awhile... we lived out in the boonies and stayed to ourselves. My now ex husband worked 60+ miles away and didn't come home a lot. I now have 2 very outgoing, smart kids, so go figure??

Christa S.
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Oh yes! Babies are brought into thier parents' world and learn how conversations work and hear the language and see the world form a new perspective! ALSO I find the slign is a good conversation starter and also it attracts other kiddos' attention, I often find myself squatting in the store so a curious tot can see what I'm carrying!
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Nope, Sorry I disagree, I have two very reserved children and we are very AP. They are extremely verbal thuogh, but not with people they dont know. In fact, others often assume that they are language delayed.

So, I dont think the theory holds water. At least, not in our house!!
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I agree with the social interaction for mom thing. I'm a new first time mom, and usually carry my 4 week old DS in my Mom n me pouch. I get so many people stopping us and commenting on him and his snug little carrier. This weekend I went to the mall with my mom (her idea) and we took the stroller. DS was in it for 30 min or so, and no one commented on him. After he woke up and I put him in the sling, voila! instant comments. I like the attention, I don't think DS cares. I haven't gotten any negative comments (yet)...
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Originally posted by Britishmum
Nope, Sorry I disagree, I have two very reserved children and we are very AP. They are extremely verbal thuogh, but not with people they dont know. In fact, others often assume that they are language delayed.

So, I dont think the theory holds water. At least, not in our house!!
BUT, could their being extremely verbal be from hearing you at a close proximity and hearing your conversations and such. Them being shy is a personality trait and they could be shy no matter what kind of parenting approach.. KWIM? lol. Sounds like you do hae very social kiddos, even if its not with other people.
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Yep! I've had comments from day 1 about how "alert" "interested in his surroundings" "happy" "social" etc. he is . This is the natural way raise a baby, so they're naturally more social and content. I love it!

p.s. I've heard babywearin' mamas comment on how "checked out" many babies in strollers and carseats look. Anyone else notice this? I do now that someone mentioned it...
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oh definitely!!! my dd's always been extremely engaged and very social, and i def. credit being carried and slung!! babies are not part of their world when they're stuck down in a bucket or a stroller, and they are interacting with anyone, or watching how you interact. (not that strollers, and even buckets don't have their place, but ykwim) whenever people used to ask me why i didnt just put dd in a stroller or a cart, i would always say something to that effect, and i swear, it's shocking how many folks just stared at me like i was speaking in tongues or something....
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Well, my DD's already more social and outgoing than I am, :LOL

Maybe it's because I wear her, and she has the security to choose whether or not to engage w/ others.
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