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anyone thinking about names? sigh...

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we're at a standstill on a boys name, he's very traditional in most cases and i like some classic names, but border on trendy/unusual (though not as unusual as some i've seen on mdc!)...we are trying to find something that's not terribly popular in our rural area, so pretty much if it's "hick" - it's out lol! we also don't do timmy/tommy/charlie type names, or names that can be shortened to "cutesy" nicknames for boys...lol, you'd think i was picky or something :LOL
anyways, on the current list of contenders are
quinn/quinton (my g-fathers name is quinton - love it as a mn)
miles (dh loves it, i'm so-so)
alexander (though there's already an alex p**** but he's older and we don't see him)

any other ideas? or mn ideas to go with hayden? our standby name is probably benjamin reed - it's ok, just not sure it's *THE* name, yk? :
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Well of your names i really LOVE Alexander... i would use Zander as a short name! LOL i LOVE that..... just my opinion. I also think miles is cute.

I was going through our baby name book for the first time last night... these are the names i have came up with that dh hasn't seen yet!!!

And i kinda like these...

I really want to use Cathleen for the middle name but have to think about a first name that would be ok...

SAHM to austin 4 y/o
and Abby 22 months
EDD 8/20/04
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i like alexander, but it's the whole "someone in the family" (that we don't necessarily like lol) has it already...dh won't use names that are in the family unless it's really important ..like our girl's name we've got picked out is olivia madison - clint's grandmother's name was maddie and i like it, but it's too popular here, so i figured i'd use a form of it yk?
of your list of names i love hanna and kelsey - unfortunately both are super popular around here so couldn't even be considered.
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I'm finding it hard this time to come up with just the right name. Last time, what we chose felt so right for the baby, but this time it's hard to know what to use. I do like some of the ones you've picked, but I'm so indecisive lately, I couldn't pick one I like the best.
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I don't know why, but boy names are always so hard for me. If my husband had his way, we would name a boy Alyosha (from Brother's Karamazov).. it is a form of Alexander. From your list, I love Benjamin, Quinton, and Hayden. I dislike cutesy nicknames too.. I was thinking I liked the boy name Theodore if this baby is a boy, but then somebody reminded me of the nickname Ted--- not too crazy about that!

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I really like Quinton. If you use it as a mn, what would you use for the first name? To me, Quinton Reed sounds really good together.

What do you all think of using Gael for either a boy or girl? Here, it is for both, but I just cannot quite get it as a boy name. DS has a one-syllable androgenous name also. Our last name is very long and difficult no matter what country your talking about.
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My ds is named Miles (Myles). I loved it, probably partly because I tend to want to name my kids after musicians. I've had a lot of comments from people about what a cool name it is.
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We're struggling on boy names too. We've had 2 girls already so this should be a walk in the park, right?! WRONG! I don't know why this is so hard. We made the mistake of telling friends the names we had picked out had girls been boys and they named their boys what we had picked out. : So I need help finding new, unique, boy names to go with a very common "son" last name.

Does anyone have any names that would go well with our girls? Their names are Kalyn Christine and Saige Elizabeth.

We had these names picked out for dd#2 had she been a boy.

Keenan William
Keaton Thomas
Carter ?

Any ideas?
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i am reposting my info about names from a thread that ended shortly after my post, so i didn't receive much response.

boy names:

forest raven

sage thomas

girl names:

chenoa ann

miakoda forest or something else

i also like liberty for a girl name.

my other two are takoda sky (boy) and sierra exine (girl). would it sound funny to use miakoda since we already have a takoda? we would call her mia, mostly. miakoda is my favorite name for a girl.

i am not set on any name yet and while wait until the baby is here before we pick a name. i am still looking around.
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Juju - I think Miakoda with Takoda would be okay if you didn't throw in the name of Sierra. It seems strange to me to have two children with names that rhyme and then have one that doesn't. Also, I think since you have Takoda and Sierra, this one should have a nature name just to kind of go along with the established pattern. Is Miakoda something in nature that I just don't know about? It's 6:25 am here and I've been up for about 2.5 hours already, so my brain isn't fully functional yet.
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I love the name Benjamin. My Benjamin is 2 1/2 My grandmothers maiden name is Benjamin so that’s what gave me the idea to go with it.

I THOUGHT we were going to name this one Walden if he was a boy, but once we found out he IS a boy my husband broke out in protest..... uggh! So now were back at the drawing board..... So far the only 2 we can some what agree on is Abraham and Isaac.... we have good friends with a son named Isaac and I feel kind of strange thinking of using that name too.... is that silly??


"It doesn't matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love" ~Rod McKuen
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my2girls: I like the names you have picked out the one i really like is carter mabye use a family member name for the middle name. I think there are lots of names that would go well with it!

Juju: i like the boys name forest... and not sure about the girls names.
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Names are really difficult this time around. The girls were easy. Dh wants the name Elvis for a boy. I;m not really fond of it. I like Reid or Forrest.

For girls, I can't find anything I'm really fond of. I figure if it comes down to it, we will just wait to see the baby and see what fits then.
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miakoda is native american and means power of the moon. i believe it is apache, but not sure about the exact tribe.
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My friend's sister had a baby awhile ago and they named the little guy, Jasper. I thought this was the cutest name ever. We will be naming our soon to be son, Maxwell. Husband picked it out and really likes it, I like it well enough.
We are an interracial and cross cultural couple - me, WASP, born and raised in Canada, my husband biracial (dad Indian - as in India, mother Burmese as in Burma). My husband immigrated from India in his early 20's. He picked out a couple of Indian names and I tried to wrap my head around calling my son one of them, but it seemed too foreign - I couldn't relate to these names having not been raised ever hearing them. So, we kind of came to a compromise and my husband picked Maxwell. We will keep the Indian name, Ashok, as the middle name.
Good luck in finding a name that works for you, your partner and your little one to be.
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well, we came to a compromise...dh didn't like my grandfather's middle name and was ok with his first (but rather old fashioned imo)name...so his name will be ian marshall...it feels right
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RothMommy, i just had to comment! i have a friend who is my local preggo pal... she's due about a week before me. her 14 y.o. son is named walden, and this new baby is also a boy... they were seriously considering naming him isaac, until her dh heard someone mention that the common nickname for isaac is "ike." well, that was the end of isaac! but they are also considering adam...

the funny thing is that when they were naming walden, the dh didn't want anything "biblical," and now he's changed his tune!

it was just a funny coincidence i'd thought i'd share with you...

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About Gael.....DH's family has a whole host of current and ancestral women named Gail and men named Galen, with various spellings thereof. Thought I'd toss that out at you.

Frogs: Quinn is such a nifty name, I think. Of course, there'll be comments about Eskimos b/c of that 60's song.....but that's not so bad.

I'm having great difficulty with the name "Oscar." DH has his heart set that this incomming kid will be a boy and he shall be called Oscar. What in the world do you use as a middle name? Our last name is 3 syllables, starts with a W.........

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Oscar is a very hip name right now Foxy....

Is anyone holding back the names they have chosen for their little beans from extended family/friends? We have names ready for boy or girl and people keep asking but we keep saying "not telling...":LOL..don't know..we just want this one full of surprises I guess....
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We finally agreed on a name!

Oh this one was hard.... I think knowing its our last child made picking a name 10 times harder. My husband picked the first name and me the middle.
Samuel Walden.

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