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We've gotten the letter, too. My son was out 2 weeks to visit his grandmother in a different country. We told the school months ahead of time, and they were completely fine with it, but warned us that he would get a truancy letter because the letter was mandated by the state. As there were absolutely no consequences tied to the letter (for us at least - I'm not clear on whether it affected the school's funding) , we were fine with it. I was surprised when the letter came directly from the school principal and not the state, but I guess it makes sense that the individual schools are responsible for fulfilling a state mandate on attendance matters.


Talk to the school again. It is very possible that the letter they sent was mandated, and that what they told you in person is how the school really handles attendance matters.

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I might add, we are taking our kids out of school next week. We are spending Easter with my parents in another state. I talked to the teachers yesterday. One does her planning every Tuesday so will have all the work she would do all ready before we leave. She also has to complete a packet regarding her trip and what she did. Its close to the end of the school year, my dd does well and will complete her assignments so its not an issue. She also has missed almost no school this year. Being sick a lot that kindy and 1st grade year makes them immune later on LOL!  

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Our school secretary told me to always get an excuse note if you are taking your child out for an appt. She said then it will automatically count as "excused" and not part of the 10 absences and it makes things easier for her reporting absences. So I always do that now for dentist appts or if I do take my child to the doctor when they are ill.


My 7th grader got a letter for missing 5 days of school, warning how is she misses 10 days, she will need excuses, blah, blah, blah. I could see sending it if she had 8 or 9 absences, but she's had 5. School ends next month, what are the odds the she is going to miss 5 more before then?

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I'd probably try and retroactively "correct" the travel issues.


And then take ownership for the days when you and your family were late. Door placement is really not an issue. Kids are either on time or late. Late kids are very disruptive in the classroom and get everyone off to a late start. I think it is disrespectful to the teacher and class to make them frequently wait for your child.

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I would do what you need to regarding your child missing school for illness and family issues. If the school or district makes a big issue about it then just pull your kid out of that school and find a better place. I used to fret over the kids missing school for illness. Costs me $115 per doctor visit.If there was an accident on the highway I would get them to school late,so that meant a tardy. I am not going to send them to school sick,and I am not going to speed to avoid a tardy.


Around here they send out notes.Then you see a truancy officer who decides whether or not to charge you with educational neglect.After that I suppose it is social workers and court and fines.


All absences are unexused unless you have a doctors note,but a parent is still expected to write their own note.Even if the absence is excused by a doctor the teachers still complain about the days my kids missed.HELLO they were SICK?!?!?!!?


 Usually I get my kids to school early,but I will wait somewhere before dropping them off.If they get there early they have to sit outside until the teachers let them in.To bad al the other paents get there at the last minute,and it causes a long line of cars.I don't want my kids sitting outside in the cold.


In the end it all comes down to : Rules are Rules. You want to be a part of the school you follow the rules.This is what I remind my kids(and myself). If it becomes to much of a hassle for us we will leave the school.


Very sorry about your dad.


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