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I know I got docked for the meat thing and the breastfeeding... i have made an effort to get my family to go vegan, and they love all the meals I have made, but DH wont go all the way. I have compromised by telling him he either needs to hunt it himself and make sure it is done as humanly as possible and do the dirty work himself, or pay for local organic meat, which he agrees to. And I have to admit that the wild game he gets is pretty good... so dock away I guess! I also like that I know how most of the animal is used when he hunts. He dose some of the processing and then takes the rest to a local processor who does the rest and uses everything or gives it to others who will us it (and I don't mean grinding it into mcnuggests or dog food!). We have gotten giant bones for our dog to chew on though, he loves them.


As far as the breastfeeding, i would not call it child led, so i did not answer that way, but it was pretty much a mutual thing where I stopped offering and they stopped asking. Maybe I refused them once or twice due to being away at bed time or something, but no trauma or tears really.


Oh, and the co-sleeping... but I have already posted a thread on that. it may happen with this baby though and I am open to that.


And I do not go barefoot in the winter, brrr.


On the EC, we sort of did with DD1 (part time, cloth when we were out and some at home), but not at all with DD2 (part time cloth part time disposable). So going to do it this time, what a difference.


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So funny! This thread made the main page on the site. :-)


"Are you crunchy? Take this quiz to find out!"

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Originally Posted by HeckedyPeg View Post

Reading all the results has piqued my curiosity ... super duper grape nuts mamas: do you go barefoot all the time, even in public? How many people do that? I am just wondering! hehe

I *have* barefooted in public and I have no problem with it personally however, I gotta pick n choose my battles. Unfortunatley I spend more time defending my right to be barefoot then I care to while I'm out doing errands etc. I'd just rather throw sandles on. So I do.


I do have a friend that barefoots ALL the time and doesn't seem to have any issues. She lives in an area where folks just don't seem to mind as much. She has a pair of those toe shoes that look like toe sox! I totally want some but at 100+ bucks- not possible at this point.


It does get super cold in the winter here. So, while I love wearing no shoes and being barefoot- I do tend to wear sox when it's cold LOL! I have berks to wear with sox out in public during the winter.


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I'm a supper nutty crunchy something. Ok:) that's a funny quiz!
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126 - Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch! Got marked down for not using a midwife or homebirthing (that's what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere), not using cloth diapers (would love to, but just didn't work out with DS1), eating meat and not homeschooling. 



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It's funny, I don't eat meat, but I didn't give myself points for that because I'm not able to grow my own food right now, which was something else it stated along with being vegetarian. I personally think that folks who raise their own meat are pretty crunchy and deserve to be in this category/get the maximum points. I wear makeup and shave, so those things probably lowered my points, as well. Oh well. This was a fun little quiz.

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Cute quiz, I got pretty crispy (60)

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109 Whole grain crunch.eat.gif  I was wondering what crunchy means, now I know!

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169-130 Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy, Granola Earth Mama!

Im shocked!

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Cute. I'm a little disappointed I only scored 129, though. Alas, I wear shoes! And yeah, my transfer during my first pregnancy from a planned homebirth to a c-section certainly lost me points. If only I would make our cloth dipes and my pads instead of buying them, I could inch my way up... (it's my new goal!)

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I got a "Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!"


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117 - MMM - love the whole grain crunch!


Docked for shaving and wearing shoes I think, but extra points for not using diapers!!  Fun quiz!

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I do shave and I love makeup and sock and shoes...so I'm assuming that is why I got a 147. It didn't give a lot of options for homeschooling. I have homeschooled for 2 years in the past but I am not currently homeschooling, but I keep that as an option for the future since I have tons of issues with the public school system. 


I am crunchy because I rarely ever see a doctor, i use herbal remedies, i don't vaccinate, I use cloth and I do elimination communication (EC was the first subject that has came up that my new partner was surprised and raised an eyebrow at! homebirth and no vax wasn't a big deal to him but he looked at me like I was super strange when he first heard about the infant pottying idea, lol), I eat organic as much as possible but don't grow my own yet, i nurse during pregnancy and I tandem nursed for 1 year ( although that was very very draining so I am trying to space children further apart so I only have one nursing child at a time in the future), I do childled weaning (made uninformed mistake of not nursing first child, then 2nd daughter weaned at 3years and son weaned at 2.5years), I cosleep fully until about 2 or 3 years and then gradually transition them to their own beds, I birth unassisted and I keep sharp cutting objects away from infant genitals. 



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96! Too funny/cute!

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170 Crunchier than Grape nuts  Cute :)

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167 Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy, Granola Earth Mama!

Who would have thought? I don't feel that crunchy and I always think I could do more.


I had not realized until very recently that some people find barefoot walking gross and even offensive.

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107 Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!


I had no idea wearing shoes was non-crunchy. Even for those of us who live in places where there's snow on the ground in April? shrug.gif


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Originally Posted by texanromaniac View Post

First time I did it based on current kiddo and what happened (homebirth that ended up transporting and was NOT a natural childbirth in the end, difficulty nursing so pumped for nine months, husband couldn't deal with baby snuffles in the night so no co-sleeping, etc.) and I got a 98!!

Then I re-took it based on how I want the next kiddo to be and got a 114...so I guess I'm still in the middle of crunchy....but I know I'm definitely one of the crunchiest amongst my friends and neighbors!! ROTFLMAO.gif

Haha...guess I'm getting crunchier!! I retook the test again, based on how I am currently/want the next kiddo to be and now I scored a 167!! 


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Got a 104 - definetly would've been higher pre-first child :)

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