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Babies Cosleeping?

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Hi everyone! I am due in August with twin boys. I have been desperately trying to get situated before I get too big. One of the biggest issues is cribs. I am inclined to get 2 cribs, however I have a crib from a previous baby...I have been reading and I know I can cosleep them in the beginning and use a crib divider. I have recently met some twin moms that never split them up, until they were 9mos-12mos...


Has anyone coslept their twins with no divider? It seems dangerous to me, one rolling onto the other etc. Just looking for opinions.

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Mine shared a cosleeper and then a crib until they started moving too much - around 4 months.  As babies, you might find (as many of us have) that your babies get comfort from sleeping right next to one another, since that's what they are used to in the womb.  If we put ours down apart from one another in the cosleeper, they'd wiggle towards one another until they were touching. 


I don't see how it could be dangerous, esp since you'll be right next to them, too. 

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Hi, thanks for your response. I plan to cosleep with them while I am breastfeeding, probably only for 3 mos - 6mos, until they can be moved to their own room in their own crib. I am wondering if putting them together in one crib, even at naptime, in their own room is safe. I fear one rolling onto the other and suffocating the other baby.

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We had one crib at the foot of our bed. Sometimes the babies slept there, sometimes with us. We had a second crib in the spare bedroom (on a different floor of the house) for naps.


As infants, we put them in the crib on their sides, back to back. It was pretty amazing - even if one woke up crying, he hardly ever woke his brother. They stayed in one crib until they were about 6 months old; they were big babies, and by that time they just didn't fit in one crib.

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We had our boys in a co-sleeper together until they were 4 months and could no longer fit.  At that point they were sleeping through the night for the most part, so we moved them into their own room and intended them to share a crib (where they had more room than the co-sleeper). But at that point, with all the extra room, they were rotating around a lot (despite not being able to crawl or really even roll at that point) and on night two or three we woke up to one screaming as the other accidentally kicked his head in the night.  So, we switched them to their own separate cribs (side by side) at that point and they did just fine.  I do have friends who were able to have their twins share a crib for longer, but this was the right age for us. 


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I'll add that they're still in those side by side cribs today at a few days shy of 2, although we may need to switch to toddler beds soon as one has learned how to climb out at will.  A transition I'm really scared of! Eek! 


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Mine slept together in a cosleeper just fine. Especially if they're swaddled, as they are likely to need to be those first few months, rolling wouldn't be a problem. In fact, I would swaddle mine up together, nice and tight.


Now that they're bigger we have sidecarred a crib and one sleeps on each side of me. So we have baby crib side -- mommy -- baby -- daddy (scrunched up on the other side lol).

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i have both mine in a arms reach co sleeper and they are 3.5 months currently, they still get swaddled and seem to really like that, i also place a firmly rolled up receiving blanket in between them, it lets them feel they are right up against something but a tiny buffer so they dont kick each other.


not sure how i will do it once they aren't swaddled. 

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thank you everyone for the responses....i am glad i have a lot of options. did those of you using an arm's reach cosleeper, did any of you use the mini or was it the big one? 

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I use the original, I don't think the mini has the good weight limit, anything smaller than mine they would be growing out of right now, I think I hav a few good months left thankfully
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Agreed. Original size cosleeper. You can probably find one on craigslist for half the price of a new one.


Frankly, the original size is almost as big as a crib, so looking back, I should have just bypassed the cosleeper and used the sidecarred crib from the get go. Something to consider.

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We started with the co-sleeper, but our twins outgrew it within a month-not enough space for our big girls.Our girls are 6 months and we are co-sleeping w/them with no plans of using acrib- they sleep better and it works great.


best of luck to you

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