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hehe this is what I said to myself the other day!    I started to panic at this point last time too...   I really need to deep clean this house, get baby stuff out, get the rest of stuff I need for baby (carseat, swing, diapers), we need to get the baseboards up in the living room (leftover project from getting hardwood put in almost 2 years ago), get garden up an running... oh man...


Anyway, I've been feeling much more pregnant lately too, it is just so hard to bend over, get up and down... eh.  I am really looking forward to my yoga class tonight!

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No, wait! I have too much to get done to be in the third trimester already!
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I still have so much to do to be ready and create more space for the baby (and find all my baby things) but at the same time I know that if it doesn't get done by the time she is here that will be ok too (so different from how I thought with baby #1- everything needed to be perfect for his arrival!).

I know exactly what you mean! So much less stress this time around, in that respect!


I feel that way too.. I am not under any "OMG I need to get ready for the baby" stress at all like I did last time. I'm not worried... I got boobs, gonna pick up some diapers... got a little car seat..., I'm good :)


Though I dont know if it's my mindset that's changed or if I'm in denial that  July is 12 weeks away...

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Wow, mamas - I have just joined this community and I love how positive everyone is here! I have been active on babyfit.com until now, and while there are lots and lots of lovely mamas over there, not as many positive ones as here! 


I can't believe it's almost the 3rd tri! This is my first babe and I am feeling really good so far - I am loving pregnancy, and am actually a little anxious about the pregnancy part ending and the parenting part starting! I'm pretty comfortable, getting used to the 'modifications' of daily life, and not sure I'm ready to be mommy! I mean, of course I'm excited beyond belief...but pregnancy vs. mommyhood... I've already got the hang of the preggo thing! 


Anyway, nice to 'meet' all of you and wishing us all happy and healthy 3rd trimesters!! Woo! 

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Sometimes I think that July 7th (my due date) will be here before I know it and other times I cannot imagine getting bigger everyday from now until then and still functioning (and being able to sleep!)- in other words 12 weeks left seems like too much time to get bigger!

I hear this!  My belly really popped out in the last week or so and I look pregnant now. I can't believe I still have 12 + weeks to go!  How much bigger will my belly get?


I've felt good throughout my pregnancy, walking and doing pilates and yoga, I hope it continues. We have ALOT to do to get our home ready for baby.


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I'm going through this stage like people owe me something!  I hate it!  I don't know why I'm feeling like this, but I keep thinking, "why won't this guy let me in front of him? Can't he tell I'm pregnant?!"  I'm really trying to work on that  ;) 

That's totally me!  I feel like such a bad feminist!  I especially feel like that when I'm driving even though no one can tell I'm pregnant when I'm behind the wheel.  I think maybe because It's my first I expect all this extra attention or something?  I guess I have to get over that!


I haven't done anything to prepare!  I'm starting to freak out a little bit.  We're moving into a new house in 3 weeks so I've put off making any purchases until we're moved in.  But I think I'm going through major nesting mode and don't have anywhere to direct the energy!  I keep trying to remind myself that my mom had me in a drawer for the first few months and I turned out fine...I think...




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