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Anyone seeing a chiropractor?

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Hi all, I'm going to see a chiropractor for the first time on Thursday. I'm just wondering if you go, do you enjoy it. I watched some YouTube videos today, and it looked like it might hurt, but the moms didn't react at all as if it hurt. Also, what do you wear?


I really hope it's going to help my lower back and pelvic area..uggg I feel like I should have gone to one after I had my last baby!

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I was actually coming in here to talk about my 1st visit to a chiro, lol.  I had a consult last week but that guy was BAD.  So I was doing another consult today hoping for someone better and wow!  I love him!  We talked and he said it sounds like it's my sacrum that's causing my issues.  He offered to adjust me so I was like "HELLS YEAH!"  I expected worse, but because I'm pregnant he is taking it easier on me so that he doesn't cause any unnecessary damage since he can't get a good look "in" me.  It felt GREAT!  Of course about an hour or 2 afterward I was feeling sore, but I was told that's to be expected if you've never been adjusted before.  He's set me up on a regimen to help alleviate the back pain I have now- twice a week for a few weeks.  After that we'll slow it down and just do regular adjustments throughout the pregnancy and then after the baby's born he'll help make sure everything aligns back up like it should.  I'm so excited!!

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I will be as soon as I get this pregnancy medicaid approved. I love the chiro and can't wait.. It's been waaay too long since I've been adjusted. My last chiro was a woman and she worked very gently, on me, and my kids. Good chiros should be able to feel where you need an adjustment without the use of xrays.. I've never gotten an xray at the chiro and they have worked wonders on my back.


It's even better if you can get a massage before or after your adjustment. Where whatever you like, no biggie. You'll love it!

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I like getting adjusted and if they would come to my house to do it, I would do it weekly, at least. Massages, too. Also at my house. For free. (One can dream ...)


Unfortunately, I never feel like I have time for one more appointment, you know? I find it can really help when things are out of whack, though, and thanks to an injury when I was a young adult, my pelvis frequently gets slightly off-kilter, which then throws everything else off. (I am off right now and I really do need to take care of this soon before things truly settle into a bad position.)


One thing to know is that different people can have different reactions. I haven't been adjusted very much, but my experiences have always involved intense, temporary nausea after the adjustment. It's about 10 minutes, and then I'm fine and feel amazing for hours or days.

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Thanks for your replies. Now, I'm excited!

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I am seeing a chiro about every four weeks. I actually started before I was pregnany due to a running injury and kept going. (In fact the injury is still giving me issues - sciatic pain!). The women I see focuses on women and children, and the prenatal period.


In addition I am adding massage on tonight again to help with sciatic nerve pain. I hope to do that about evey four weeks as well!

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man I wish I had the disposible income to do this right now but there is no way. We are barely surviving with only basics. I am sore almost all the time- ALREADY. I'm only 12 weeks. Sheesh. It does start earlier with each pregnancy, as I've always heard. 


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When I lived in NYC, I'd see a chiro weekly.  It was a 30 minute massage followed by an adjustment.  Completely covered by insurance.  I've been a few times since I moved to Boston, but the guy was way too big and burley.  I think there may be places near my house though.  My hips are slightly off center (for years, I thought all my pants were coincidentally just shorter in one leg), and I carry a huge amount of tension in my shoulders and neck.  Sigh.


I'd like to start going again now that I'm preggo. 


Has anyone ever been rolfed?  That was amazing.  I did the 10-session treatment a few years ago after getting hit by a car on my bike.  Seriously amazing. 

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I had crazy pelvic pain from about 5 months on with my first child....like, I couldn't lift my legs to put on my shoes, or roll over in bed.  I went to a chiro at the advice of my midwife and it was a.ma.zing.


I did a pretty intensive daily treatment for 1.5 weeks, then monthly visits until she was born, and it helped me so much.  


It really didn't hurt...it felt good....like when you stretch really hard and it hurts/feels good, sort of way.  And I am very sure that having everything aligned helped a lot when it came time to push!


Good luck!  I will definitely be going back to my chrio this time around!

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Wow, got back from the chiropractor today, and it felt great. I just wanted her to keep on working on me. Most of my problems were in the sacral area and mid-back. She was able to determine that I carry my little girl mostly on my left hip-true! Unfortunately, she found symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) which I need to get checked regularly. I'm just happy to know that it will probably heal by end of my pregnancy, and i can still have a natural birth. The swelling is really uncomfortable. She recommended wearing a sexy post-partum belt until the end of my pregnancy when I'll need to wear two.


I'm so glad I went.- Must buy my sexy belt tomorrow!


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