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Desperate for a midwife!!

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I live in Miles City, Montana. I have called every midwife within 4 hours of me(I think), and no one can/will travel to my house for a birth. My best option for a midwife is driving 2 hours to a birthing center/suite in Billings.  I can go there before I am in labor, and stay afterwards. But, my DD will be 21 months old when the new baby arrives, and traveling 2 hours with her while I may or may not be in labor, and then 2 hours back with her and a newborn would be challenging, and I am unsure if this is something I can do.


My other option is the hospital that is 2 minutes from my home. That is where DD was born, and I swore I would never return. I was pushed around and pressured by the nurses, restricted from doing what I wanted to do, I was treated coldly and of course I did not know anyone who was taking care of me until the Dr came for the last 5 minutes of pushing. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me? I am not confidant enough to try an unassisted birth I dont think, but if you have some really good books, videos, etc in mind that you feel would prepare me adequatly for this task I may consider it. Thanks everyone!

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Have you considered hiring a doula to be with you?  There might be one that could make the drive with you and help you with your 21 month old daughter.  I hope you get your out of hopsital birth.

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Oh, that is a good thought.  Our car would not have enough room for us all though.....:(    I need a suburban!  Lol

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I've got one you can borrow :) 

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When are you due?

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Nov 2

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Congratulations, I am due Sept 6th (although my midwife says it will probably take an extra week). My husband will be in Montana buying cattle late summer and fall. I thought maybe he could give you a ride but I'm not sure he'll be buying cattle that late. Maybe someone from town with a bigger vehicle could give you a ride?

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O well thanks and congrats!  Its no big deal, I do want the birth in my home, so the only thing that could really help me is a midwife who will come to my house. 

Make sure your husband buys cattle that have not been fed genetically modified corn!  There are good farmers around who raise their cows on pastures, and there are those who raise them on feedlots with that nasty corn and stuff, so you just have to ask!  I grew up on a farm  lol:)

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My husband is a rancher and farmer and not a contract buyer for a slaughterhouse so he therefore won't be buying fat cattle. All cattle are grassfed until they are ready to be fattened, at which point they are put on rations that include feed corn and usually distillers grains for 90-120 days and then sent to slaughter. This is done because feeding them a ration that includes corn for a short period changes the color of the fat in the marbling from yellow to white, which the American consumer prefers (a psychological issue that somehow white fat is "cleaner"). They also don't sell specialty cattle at livestock auction other than "sourced and verified" as well as antibiotic-free. Producers for a niche market in "non-GMO fat cattle" would sell on contract directly to grocery stores, restaurants, natural food distributors, etc.


Good luck in your hunt for a midwife :).

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O wow, when I was growing up I was surrounded by farmers who had feedlots, and fed their cows nothing but corn, any time of year, any age.  That is basically all they ate as far as I know, because the farmer had tons of fields full of corn, and would harvest it himself and then feed it to them year round.  He always had massive piles of corn that he would feed them all year long.  Its good to know that not all farmers do that, I guess I just figured that was the way it was done because that is how they did it around here....  He was and is a very successful farmer too!  Lol, this is totally off subject from my post!  :D

Anyway if anyone has any more info on a midwife I would love to hear it!

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I could see how you would get confused growing up next to feedlots you might think they kept the same cattle year round. But he actually would buy them (after they had grown up on pasture), feed them for a few months, and sell them as "fat cattle" for slaughter. All cattle do look pretty much the same, especially Angus, so it would be easy to make the incorrect assumption if you weren't actually involved in the business of cattle production. :)

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HI, I live at Wibaux, MT. Last year when I was pregnant I switched from an OB in Dickinson, ND to Mountain Midwives (now called First Breath) at 28 weeks. I really wanted to have a true chance at a VBAC. The longer my pregnancy progressed the more I felt that if I went to hosp to deliver, it would not go well and end up being a c-section. Simply because I was so anti- high intervention Drs/Hosp. at that point. And I had done my research and knew that a VBAC's a totally possible. Wibaux to Billings is 250 miles, and let me tell you the drive got OLD. Even with only having to go there the last trimester and postpartum. At the time our son was 3 and made trip often with me. I am blessed to have my in-laws nearby, and he stayed with them when I gave birth.   In the end it was totally worth it, as we had a baby girl with no problems...9 pounds and noooo drugs. In Spearfish, SD there is a midwife. It is called Womankind Midwifery. Not sure if they travel, though. I just heard that there is a mid-wife/doula in Glendive...not sure if it is true. There is a natural-path Doctor there now and I heard that they were in the same building. Her name is Dr. Keller (the naturopath). I'd say if you can't travel to a mid-wife your best bet is to hire a doula to have at the hospital with you. Hope this helps : ) I love talking with mothers that seek other options in regards to giving birth, raising children ect..

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Have you tried Ollie Hamilton?  She lives in Montana and she definitely travels.  She's been known to fly to foreign countries for births, let alone drive a few hours.  If she isn't booked, she might be a good bet.  I know she doesn't do as many births now, is trying to retire, but at the very least she might be able to give you some good ideas.

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1love4ever -- I had my second child (in 1999) in that hospital, and I feel your pain! While some things about it were better than the experiences I had in other hospitals (they allowed me to have VBAC when I didn't even know that was anything but the total norm!), my overall experience was not one I would care to repeat.


I wish you luck in your search! My friend and I have just started a doula practice in Williston, North Dakota, which is not quite as close as Miles City, but it is possible we would be able to help. We have a website at www.cyberdoulas.com (it's new and doesn't have a LOT on it yet, but it has some things!).

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Ollie is busy around my due date so she said she would be unable to take me, but thank you! 

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How close are you to the ND border?  It's possible I know someone willing to travel to Montana.


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