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Which diet to do?

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I want to do a diet to shift my weight and help my daughter (11) shift hers too. I want something that is healthy, eg we can eat low GL stuff to balance blood sugars and it haas to be vegan/veggie friendly- I only want to minimally modify what I eat for my family. Whatever I do we will be having green smoothies/juices. I want something I can do long term and modify my lifestyle for life. It has to be child friendly. The options I have narrowed down to are:


  • Basic calorie counting, but hate having to count so much for everything.
  • Juice Master Slim for Life- homemade smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch, healthy dinner.
  • Eat To Live
  • WeightWatchers Online
  • Rose Eliott's Low Carb for Vegetarians- though not sure about wanting to go into ketosis and don't think this may be the way to go with children.


Has anyone got any experience with any of these or can recommend any that would be good? Any help would be most appreciated, this is getting me really down greensad.gif

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I count calories. I eat a very 'Eat to Live' style diet, but with more fat than Fuhrman recommends. I've been counting calories for 3 years and have lost 80 pounds and kept it off. It really isn't as tedious as people tend to think it is. After the first few weeks, you start to memorize the calorie counts of your favorite foods and meals and it gets easier to keep a running tally in your head. Also, if I plan my day in advance (food wise), I only have to think about it once for a few minutes in the morning. Plus, I can eat whatever I want! Far from being restrictive, counting calories has given me control over my weight and health.

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I do ww online and really like it.  Fat/carbs/protein are all given point values.  You are assigned a points range based on your age/weight/height.  Most fruits and vegetables are 0 points, so you are encouraged to fill up on big salads and vegetable soup, etc.  


I lose 1-2 pounds a week.  Nice and steady.  I do have to limit the fruit, so I diverge a little from the program.  But I am someone who can gain weight eating oranges, bananas, mangoes, apples.  


The program has been easy to use and really helps me focus on portion sizes.  I eat well, I simply eat too much.  So, measuring and weighing has been a crucial element in my weight loss.  I have a long way to go -- I have lost 10 of 50, but I think this is a good program for long term weight loss and lifestyle adjustment.  



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