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Spring Cleaning Fever

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It's nice outside and the birds are chirping and my allergies are kicking in, but that's besides the point. I have Spring cleaning fever and would like you ladies to join in!!! Focus on 1 room when posting. Post a couple of chores and the next poster will do them, kinda like in the cleaning game, only more involved. Things like cleaning the baseboards, dusting off the top of the fridge, organizing the garage, etc...ya know..things you wouldn't normally do everyday. Decluttering is a part of it too! So let's get started!!!!!



1.Clear off the top of the fridge

2.organize your pots and pans




Living room:

1.clean out your side table drawers

2.organize your electronic cords 

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I sort of mixed-and-matched.  My pots and pans are organized, and my cords are under control.


Clean off your bikes/strollers/wagons so they're ready for use




Clear away all the dead stuff and leaves from your flower beds (I SO need to do this one...)

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Oh boy, the spring cleaning fever has bit here.  Hard.  LOL.


I'm just going room by room.  Yesterday I did the living room, dining room and library.


Today hoping to get the foyer, family room and two main floor bathrooms done.  We shall see.

It is too cold to do anything outside.  BRRR!  But they did our spring clean up 2 weeks ago and last week I cleared another 4 buckets of weeds.  It is time to weed again but it has to get above 40 degrees first.

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Working hard on clearing stuff out here in north Texas. Yesterday I spent several hours working on our home office which takes forever (cause papers are just horrific to go through...since you can spend hours on it and not look like you've made much progress at all)!! The office is the only room of the house besides the garage that faces west...so it gets crazy hot in there when the rest of the house is comfortable. I REALLY want to get at least the office and garage dealt with before mid-May...which, while I'm setting that for a ways out is a more realistic goal for me...since we've got company all this weekend and plans for next weekend, husband is having to work Saturdays for a while, and I've got a busy toddler who undoes half of whatever I do when he is awake (and he isn't napping much these days)!!

Fortunately, besides my obsessive compulsive wish to minimize and get rid of extra stuff from the kitchen cabinets and the guest closet (where my sewing stuff is kept) those are really the only truly messy parts to the house. Give me an hour or less and the rest of the house can be in acceptable shape for company!!
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Well my "room" is our garage. We have a single car garage that has been holding all our stuff until we buy a house (we're currently in a rental). So we have "stuff" that I don't have room for here but MIGHT work in a new home. We're moving this summer but still don't have a house so I don't know what to get rid of.


But I did list some stuff on craigslist and have downsized to rubbermaid bins of kids clothes, 2 baby gates and a kids table and chair set and made $55 over the weekend! Still a lot more to go......garage sale or donate...still deciding.


But as far as kitchen I pulled out the stove and SCRUBBED behind it. This wasn't even done before we moved in to this rental! The fridge is next and then the washer and dryer. I'm tryin to clean ahead of time before we move out of this place.


So fridge and inside the oven are next!

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Ignore the post above it is SPAM!!  nono.gif


Seems it has been removed now, so I had better edit this as at the moment it looks like I am accusing beebalmama of spamming! 

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Ignore the post above it is SPAM!!  nono.gif

Did you flag it?  Just click on the flag under the post on the left...  (I'll do it in case no one else has yet).


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Originally Posted by 4evermom View Post

Did you flag it?  Just click on the flag under the post on the left...  (I'll do it in case no one else has yet).


yes I did flag it yesterday...posted as well just to make sure nobody clicked on it.


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I want to do a spring cleaning! wishing that DH would tackle his desk too but oh well.. I'm not washing the windows because they are being renovated in a few weeks time...  Or maybe I will do a quick wipe on most of them....


Then wash DD's woolly clothes and put them away and do a general go-through the apartment to see if there is anything I can declutter :)

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I am ready to spring clean but I want someone to watch my children, several men in trucks willing to drive my junk after I load it and all in one day get my basement and garage cleaned out. Not too much to ask for right?


I did go through winter gear and match up mittens and take boots and coats to the spare closet today. I am feeling under the weather so that was all but have shampooed carpets, cleaned out 2 china hutches, the laundry room (biggest catch all I have!!) and the toy room and reorganized all the toys, and cleaned the ceiling fan in the last week. Next up is the cleaning in and on the fridge tomorrow and hopefully spring cleaning my bedroom. 


I will keep a eye on this thread to get ideas of other things to clean as well!!

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I took out all the rugs yesterday and dusted them thoroughly. Put them back after vacuuming. Today I bought daffodils for the balcony.

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This last weekend we had my MIL and my SIL and her kids visiting us (for a change we had guests come to us instead of us traveling...woot!!). So last week was spent getting things cleaned up and organized in the main living areas.

My hall and guest closets, the office, and the garage still need a complete clean out though...and there are a few more things to do in various spots around the house (a bit more weeding of dh's clothes and our bookshelves and such). I'm thinking of tackling the bookshelves this afternoon since I've not been THAT industrious yet today...grocery shopping, general straightening, and then a neighbor came over with her little girl for a playdate/visit for over three hours!! Twas fun...but now I'm feeling the need to weed out more stuff!! I can't decide though if I really wanna tackle the bookshelves yet...or do a quick sort through of the clothes bagged up in the garage for giving away to see what to set aside for family members, what to throw in the car to take to Goodwill tomorrow, and what (if anything) to hold on to for the neighborhood yard sale in a few weeks!!

Hmm... kiddo just conked out for a nap...so I think I may just watch something on Hulu for a bit of a "mama down time" and then make my decision on what to tackle!! MAYBE, since kiddo wanted to nap on my bed...I may just go ahead and go for broke and start on that messy messy guest closet (since he isn't napping just the other side of the wall in his room for a change)!!
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Oh, and Katie T...I hear ya on the whole someone taking my kid so I can get stuff done thing...and the hauling trucks thing!! I wanna get all the boxes that accumulated over the winter in the garage broken down and cleared out...but have to wait till dh can haul them to the recycle dumpster...and there's been SEVERAL times this last month I've told my mom on the phone that I wish I had family nearby or a friend even who could just come and entertain Bug so I could deal with organizing and minimizing the junk in the house!!
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I am really on a roll. I got my closet and dresser all cleaned out and reorganized. I dusted everything of the bedroom walls including taking the standing fan apart and cleaning that and cleaning the ceiling fan. I cleaned and organized my desk vacuumed window ledges and edged the room. It echos in here now I swear lol. Then I got the kids closet all reorganized. Pulled out too small clothes saved what boy stuff I could put DD in and put the rest in my garage sale pile. I then went to the linen closed and nicely folded all the bed sets and put them in their pillow case and attached a post it with a pin to tell what size bed they belong to. (With 3 beds I can't remember just by looking at them and would pull out a sheet to find out this saves that work). Out of all that cleaning I got 5 garbage bags of stuff to sell/donate. 


Next on the list DH closet. Then off to the basement! I love threads that keep us inspired!

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What happened to the game? lol!


I am really scattered. A little bit in everyroom.


Will anyone play if I restart the game??



Pick a closet and clear it out, get rid of junk and vacuum.




Pull out an appliance and clean all surfaces

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I am in! I have been doing major cleaning around here in anticipation of junk day and city wide garage sale. I even pulled out my fridge and cleaned behind/under it yesterday! I have to run but will come back and update what all I have gotten done since my last two posts above!

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Originally Posted by les_oiseau View Post


What happened to the game? lol!


I am really scattered. A little bit in everyroom.


Will anyone play if I restart the game??



Pick a closet and clear it out, get rid of junk and vacuum.




Pull out an appliance and clean all surfaces

Cleared out a very cluttered shelf today in my closet!  thumb.gif




Next person...


take photographs to keep a record of your kids art or craft, and throw the originals in the recycling




Clean the toilet!



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