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Antidepressant available made from fish oil!: PlusEPA!

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Well i guess its not new, but!


I have had Postpartum depression 3 times, and I sort of have depression between pregnancies now too.  I finally found a supplement that is Scientifically PROVEN  to work as well as Prozac for Depression!!!!! If I ever get pregnant again, I can just take this  prenatally and postpartum!


Its called Minami Nutrition  PlusEPA  it is No DHA, mainly only EPA, 1000 mg.   Only 2 small gelcaps a day, and  my husband notices a difference, my OCD has went down too!!! I have been taking it for about 5 weeks, and I think I have found my alternative to Depression Medication! It is expensive 38 something to 40 something a month, but to me that is worth it, to have found something like this! I have tried Omega 3 mood, all kinds of fish oil and this seems to be all around the easiest to take and the most proven for depression!  I have been singing, and more joyful person to be around!!!!


I have nothing to do with the company or anything like that, just glad to finally have something that I know  I can take forever, that will make me feel better  and is easy to take  without being on medication!













you can also get it at amazon.com and Luckyvitamin.com ect





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My husband is a clinical therapist, and he also struggles with depression and I struggle with anxiety. We are both really hesitant to use "little white pills" for our mental health, as they 1) have numerous side effects 2) don't tend to work that well. I am very very excited to offer this to my husband (and myself) as a healthy alternative....I'm so hopeful! joy.gif
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The clinical study was done for about 8 weeks, and  this is week 5 for me, It takes a little while to get in your system!  This stuff has taken my OCD down, so it is livable, and my husband says I am nicer to him!thumb.gif Also I find myself singing and smiling, so I may  even see more benefits as time goes by!  I have heard that It can take 3 months to notice a benefit!


Yes, Anxiety is another thing I used to have. I dont notice it as much right now.  

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I'm SO hopeful....we really both need some support. Maybe this will do it! joy.gif
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This sounds great. Is all that EPA safe for pregnancy and nursing do you know?

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I looked at this stuff.  I was a little put off by the contradictory info on the box. 


1000mg EPA  with only 2 small capsules per day

Serving size- 2 softgels

60 slow release caplets per box

Servings per box: 60

Directions: 1 soft gel per day orally



Is a serving one or two? The box has 60, not 120, but the directions say to take 1, the study cites taking two and the serving size says 2, right next to stating there are 60 servings in the box.   And the packaging cites these are the way to combat depression because "As EPA is a dietary supplement it may prove more acceptable to patients than antidepressants".  So it works because people are willing to take them??


But I'm trying them!bag.gif

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The serving is Two because thats what the Clinical study is based on.   1000 mg EPA ( 2  caps PlusEPA)  versus Prozac is the study.


See this link




and this link on page 2...





They messed up the instructions on the box. The dose for depression is 2 gelcaps or more for adults.   1 gelcap for children with ADHD.


I am happy to say that  with:

 2 gelcaps a day of PlusEPA, 

2 Tablespoons a day of Garden of Life Perfect Food,

2-3 miles of Leslie Sansone Walking dvd


   I am happy energetic, positive and Ready To GO!!!!!!  


I am almost done with  my 2nd box of PlusEPA and will soon be starting my 3rd one. I think it takes up to 3 months to see full benefits!   B vitamins (or green food like I am) and exercise will only increase the effects!


I am  hoping to get pregnant in a year and 1/2  or more, and my hope is to take these throughout my pregnancy, up to 36 weeks, and then start taking them after birth.  Beings they are proven against Prozac, It will give me much more confidence in taking this. Also scince Im using it now!

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Originally Posted by AprilM View Post

This sounds great. Is all that EPA safe for pregnancy and nursing do you know?

AprilM- it is absolutley safe for Pregnancy and Nursing! There have been several studies on Fish oil and as high or higher levels of EPA than that for pregancny and nursing women. I will try to get you some links but I have spent much time researching fish oil for pregnancy and I used in my last pregnancy. The result was a very very smart little girl! But I never tried anything like plusEPA back then.


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Saw this on the first page and wanted to note that Vitacost sells 2 fish oils that have 1000 units EPA. both are their own brand NSI one is a Norwegian cod liver oil and one is an orange flavored fish oil. They are liquid and I think I pay $16.99 for about 50 servings.

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I have tried the NSI brand before and I was not impressed.  The PlusEPA has NO DHA in the formula and for some people that can make a difference, when it is just EPA and no DHA.    There are only  couple different brands that have almost Pure EPA, no DHA at all. Maybe 3 different brands at all.  I do not work for this company or anything, but this product isnt like most other fish oils.  It is processed in a way that the brain is able to uptake. 


Quote from Website....

Minami Nutrition products contain no saturated fatty acids, because they are bad for our heart and arteries. Unfortunately, ordinary fish oil supplements contain up to 50% of these “bad” fatty acids.

So, what is our secret?

We use ethyl esters from the Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA. They are safely and readily absorbed by the body.

The benefit to you :
• Highest possible bio-uptake.


 That being said, you can try any fish oil capsules, and they might help you. I have tried Omega 3 Mood before, and other fish oils.  

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I went to the health food store and got an Omega 3 that contains 500mg EPA and 25mg DHA. I started taking two of them a day and have noticed a BIG difference! I was taking a fish oil with 800mg EPA and 500mg DHA before this and did not see an improvement.


Thank you for the info!

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I just purchased some of this....60 softgels PlusEPA from Minami Nutrition. It is on its way, and I am excited to try it! Will post on my progress. 

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PlusEPA fish oil  is the only thing that keeps me going!  (and Garden of Life RAW b complex)


i went on  3 a day for a while.

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Really? It's that good? Wow, I can't wait to start it. I am 8 months pregnant, and I NEED a lift!

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I hate to ask a trivial question on a serious thread, but does this brand repeat on you?  I currently take a fish oil and it is the vitamin that keeps on giving.

Originally Posted by AprilM View Post

Really? It's that good? Wow, I can't wait to start it. I am 8 months pregnant, and I NEED a lift!


I would love to hear your experience after taking it.  I'm a little reluctant to shell out the money for it, but like you, I could use a lift.  I'm not depressed and don't have PPD (I'm still pregnant), but the fish oil I take now does nothing for me.

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Yes it is really that good! My husband wants me to take it, he can tell the difference in me!  I notice a difference pretty quick but give it a month or two to get into your body  and up to 12 weeks.  The box says take 1, but the studies on depression are  on  2 a day.  I took 3 a day for a while, and it worked for my pcos too, making me get a shorter cycle. Does so many good things for our bodies!




That is the wonderful thing about this fish oil, you wont notice any burping hardly ever! I maybe noticed it twice or so, in around 5 months of taking this, which is great!   It is coated with a special coating, that makes it open up in your intestines instead of your stomach, AND it is really tiny pill too! Bout half the size or so of normal fish oil pills. That is a big plus for me.


You can get it from amazon, or vitacost.com.....  I like to get it from iherb.com it is the cheapest there.  It is expensive, but you get what you pay for. We are talking about alternative to drugs that is proven to work through Clinical studies. (Nope Im just a normal person, I dont work for the company!)


I got my sister on this too!



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Interesting idea that EPA, alone, is better than EPA/DHA. I have been taking (and just sent to my sister in an effort to combat PPD) Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals. It's 650mg of EPA and 450mg of DHA, the highest combination they make. I used to take just DHA and it was helpful to me, but then read about studies with depression and EPA. So, I switched to a high concentration of both. I think it's pretty effective, but may try straight EPA sometime just to see if there's a difference.
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I am on a regime right now that I FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD!!!  I encourage anyone who has every had depression: pregnant, nursing, postpartum or otherwise to try this Regime...


1. Megafood Baby and Me Prenatal- 4 a day  


2. Megafood B complex- 1 a day


3. Natural Calm Magnesium- 2-3 tsp daily (I am up to 1 rounding or reg  tsp, but will work up to more)


4. PlusEPA fish oil- 2 daily


5. Vitamin D3 2000 IU 1 or 2 daily



I feel so good! I feel like a happy go lucky energtic person!

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Interesting.  I've got a mild to moderate case of depression that just kind of hangs around, but anti-depressants don't seem to be very safe for me to take.  I function okay most of the time, but this is intruiging.  If I can have some relief safely I'd definitely like that explore that option. 

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