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Kid's Books on Weaning

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My DD will be turning 4 years old in 2 months (O_O) and I've been tandem nursing with her and my now 9 month old DS.  She's down to bedtime nursing.  I never thought we'd make it this long and it's definitely had its ups and downs and I'm ready for us to move to the next stage in our relationship.  Her 4 year birthday will be a special day as it is also her first time doing a ballet recital (which she *loves*).  I was thinking about starting to read some books on weaning (we read at bedtime).  We've been talking about it a lot over the last 2 or 3 weeks but I don't know if she quite understands and I figure a book will help.  I've heard of the LLL book Maggie's Weaning but I wasn't sure if there's anything else out there?

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It's hard enough to find books about breastfeeding in general.  I imagine that books about weaning would be even harder to find.  But you may try looking for books about "changes" in general and use that as a way to talk about weaning.  Try looking for books about moving, sleeping in your own bed, etc.


Hope this helps :)

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i saw something-- cannot remember where-- where a mama had used one of those online shut*ERfl* kind of programs/services/photo printing things that make a bound book or scrapbook out of your chosen photos and text,  and had gone through baby pictures, and wrote a text that was about the little one growing up.  If you have nursing photos, especially, but from what i remember the mama had written things like.. when you were 3 months old all you had was mama's milk (with photos) and then.. picture of baby eating food, with the text something like.. when you were 6 months old, you tried avocado, and you got it everywhere, you liked it but still liked mama's milk, etc. etc. 

it was super sweet and seemed like it would be helpful.  :) 


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