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Rough day....but I had an exciting ultrasound at the ER!

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Welp, this morning DP and I decided to engage in some " one on one" time or what is formally know as baby dancing. lol And afterward, a scary thing.....bright red blood. Not clotty, but drippy and made me call my OB who sent me to the ER. *sigh*


So I went, had blood drawn and an ultrasound and a rhogam shot. :-(


The ultrasound was by far the highlight of my day. The tech was so so nice, and spent a long time with me and did both abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds. Bad news: My placenta is low lying and marginal. It is right up to the cervix, but not covering it at all. As close as it can be though. Which scared me when I googled it a little. I never have had that before.

Good news: Baby is measuring a full week ahead! And she thinks she saw a BOY! We both saw it, and she agreed it looks boy. Heartbeat at 153.


My bleeding has stopped and I seem to be okay now. DP gets no more nookie for awhile. After that scare I'll be surprised if he even wants to now. :-(


Anyway. Happy to see the baby (boy??), but sad to go thru so much with this last pregnancy.


Please send me good vibes!!

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Oh, what a rough day you've had!


I've got a low-lying placenta, too, and bleeding...and a cautious husband who won't go near ANYTHING for fear of causing it to happen. I'm sorry you're having to go through that. But hooray for good ultrasounds and the (possible? probable?) boy! That's exciting news...I'm happy for you.


Sending you all kinds of good (blood-free!) vibes.


(We had an ultrasound today, too, and it looks like Baby A is a girl! Baby B seems to want to remain mysterious for now, which is fine - it's so early, I wasn't expecting to get to know anything this soon.)


Does knowing a gender make it feel more concrete for you? I feel a little more connected to the whole thing now. It helps that they looked more like babies today, and less like hamsters.

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Sorry you had a scare. The good thing is there's plenty of time for you placenta to move. A friend recently had placenta previa at 20 weeks but by 28 weeks it had resolved (and she got the green light to baby dance again).


Congrats on the baby boy! So exciting to find out!

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Thanks! love.gif


It does feel more real to me now....I can feel us starting to bond. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. I already talk to it ( him!!!)  in a " Its just me and you" kinda way. Its so special. 



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I know exactly how you feel about the placenta being low. I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa at our "big" ultrasound. I spent the next almost 20 weeks thinking I'd have a c-section and waiting for all hell to break loose because of all the possible complications of the previa. Nothing "bad' ever happened, never even bled, and I was told one week before our c-section that it had moved up and back and I would not need a c-section. Long story short, miracles do happen! You have plenty of time for the placenta to move still. Did they say anything to you about physical restrictions or pelvic rest?

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I'm sorry you had a stressful day, but glad everything turned out OK!


During pregnancy the cervix is extremely friable, and not at all uncommon after sex.  In the first trimester, if a woman has any bleeding, the FIRST question to ask is whether or not she just had sex.  A low lying placenta can explain a lot too in regards to the bleeding.  However, you have SO much time.  Imagine putting a dot with a marker on a balloon, right near the bottom, and then blowing it up.  As it blows up, the dot will move up the balloon.  Same thing with your placenta.  Your placenta will move up your uterus as it expands.  I know it is really stressful to hear something like a low placenta, but at this point, definitely relax.  You said it wasn't covering the cervix, and even if it were, that wouldn't be an issue unless it didn't move positions and at the *end* of pregnancy it ws still covering it.  Be careful of too much google.  You are still so early in pregnancy.  Your placenta is not "fixed" at all at this point!


Still, though I strongly agree that you have nothing to worry about, I also would encourage you to spend a day or two at home if you can.  Pamper yourself and stay off your feet.  Who else is going to watch cheesy daytime TV if not pregnant woman in need of pampering and resting?!?!


Hope your day today goes more smoothly!

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So glad to hear everything is OK! That sounds like it was very scary.

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Cannot believe some us us are beginning to find out the gender!, Crazy! We won't get to find out anything until 20 weeks which will be the very end of May. Ugh! 7 weeks to go! How far along are you all now?
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I found out my placenta is partly covering my cervix when I went for the nuchal screen last week.  It kinda freaks me out.  Hopefully when I go back for the 20 week ultrasound it will have moved!

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Sorry you had to have that scary event, but congrats on your boy!!!!!!!!!!!! I too, had to go to the ER for some spotting/bleeding. Turns out I have complete placenta previa. Marginal is MUCH better and MUCH more likely to move. I'd be completely surprised if yours doesn't move. Even most completes do. :) Just take it easy and I'm sure everythign will be alright.






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