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Congratulations, geekgolightly. I am soooo excited for you!!!

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Yay! Congratulations! :)

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Yay!!!!!!!!! Congratulations GeekGoLightly and welcome to the world, baby:)  So happy for you and for the DDC with its first announcement.  Enjoy your babymoon, mama!

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i have no idea how i missed this, but WELCOME alexander!!!! congrats, mama!
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Congrats and welcome Alexander!!!


The roster says 3 boys?  Wheres the 3rd?  This is so exciting I haven't been on in a bit and wham BABIES!!!  excited for pics!!


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Awww congrats to all the babies AND their parents! It's becoming oh-so-more real now that some of our gals are delivering! :D


Can't wait to see who's up next!

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pretty sure homemademama had her twins, actually.
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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

pretty sure homemademama had her twins, actually.

I did! They were born around 1 am on 4/21.  I would have posted sooner but for some reason my laptop does not like the MDC format- it never lets me post replies.


I don't have my story typed up yet, but I wanted to share the photos my sister took- they pretty much sum up the whole experience! I went to the hospital to be admitted for long term monitoring due to possible pre eclampsia. To my surprise, I was 5 cm dilated when I got there! I guess the "braxton hicks" I had been having were actually early labor. Things progressed quickly from there and both babies were born around 1am. Baby M was born naturally and W was a crash c/s because his HB did not recover. It was SO SCARY. I had opted to have an epidural catheter placed (with no meds) so it would be available just in case- and I am SO glad i did. I would have been so sad if I had been knocked out. 


The babies were born at 34.3 weeks. They did not try to stop my labor because of the impending pre-eclampsia. They are both in the NICU but doing great- just putting on some weight. 

Overall the whole experience was incredible and I am thrilled, thrilled thrilled. 

https://picasaweb.google.com/mommidw...eat=directlink (shared with the parent's permission)

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Wow!  Good job!  Congratulations to you and the parents!

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amazing pics homemademomma... they really did capture the experience!  i'm so glad that you and the babies are doing well!!!

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i just can't get over what a selfless act of love this was on your behalf. the photo of the dad with his hand over his mouth was just breathtaking! i am so amazed! can i ask how you know the parents or got involved with surrogacy? i think it takes an extremely special person to be able to be a surromom!


oh, and they are ADORABLE! what are their names? 

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wow, amazing pictures, and you are an amazing mama for doing that for someone else..it does take someone special to go through that for someone else. Beautiful!

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I can't stop crying!!joy.gifSo beautiful homemademomma!

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amazing momma!  congrats to you and the new parents.

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homemademomma- the pics are beautiful and I agree - such an incredible act of selflessness to have given this couple the children they could not naturally carry.  ((((HUGS)))) as you recover and prayers for the health of the babies.  They are special and beautiful.

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Such wonderful pics, homemademomma!  Great job, and what an incredible gift you have given.  The close ups of Dad in the delivery room and outside when baby #2 comes to meet everyone have me tearing up big time...total raw emotion on his face.  *sob*  How big were they?  They look like a pretty good size for a few weeks early! :)

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Congratulations to you and the twin's parents, Homemademomma! The pictures were so breathtaking! So much emotion! Such beautiful baby boys! What an amazing gift you've given them all!

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