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June babes check in : )

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How's everyone doing! 


Wyatt is crawling everywhere at super speed, and pulls to stand/cruises on literally everything. It's a bit nerve-wracking actually because man is he clumy. He also learned how to really "kiss" and when you ask for one he grabs your face and gives it to you good. He's babbling (momma, dadda, gah, and so on) and is still waking up 2-3x a night to feed, with two naps (1 - 2 hrs in the morning and like 10 minutes in the afternoon..bed at 6:30pm) 



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Luna is doing crawling and cruising everywhere! She just took her first steps two days ago!! She also still wakes up 2 to 3 times a night to nurse, but I have learned to survive on very little sleep. She is babbling away, and I think she says "dog" and "dada" with meaning. She still isn't very interested in solids, but will eat a few things from my plate.

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My DD just recently learned to crawl. She is pulling up on things, but not cruising anywhere yet. She is still EBF. We offer her different foods, but she is not interested yet. She babbles a lot and is saying "Mama" & "Dada", and signs milk. She still wakes up several times each night. We take her to bed when we go at 10ish, and she gets up with me in the mornings around 8ish. I'm wondering now, after reading on MDC about what others are doing, if putting her to bed so late is the best thing to do or not. I nurse her to sleep every night and she wakes up if I get out of bed. That is the main reason she is up so late. shrug.gif  She is SO MUCH FUN now!

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I can't believe Andrew will be 1 June 4th - just ordered party invitations.  We found out by complete accident that he really is happier sleeping out of our bed, so he's now a happy-snoozing crib baby, which has been nice for me because he was SUCH a kicker.  Sometimes they surprise you!  He's cruising everywhere - no words I've recognized yet, but really focused on trying to walk.  And eating everything in sight!  I offer him some of whatever's on my plate, and before I know it, my food is half gone.


We just got back from a week in Rome - he was amazing, and took in the sights from my back (and slurped linguine everywhere).  Here's a picture from the trip - he's playing peekabo.  He doesn't quite get that you're supposed to cover the front of your face!



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Awesome updates!  My little one is crawling, pulling up on everything and crusing.  She is very chatty and just started saying "hi dadda".  She says the basics ( dadda, mama, dog, hi, all done...). She loves to sing and clap along to every song! We've also noticed that she sleeps better with out us near. We recently put her on a floor bed and she sleeps longer stretches and then wakes to feed. We do BLW and she finally started to really "eat" without gagging. She always enjoyed touching and putting food in her mouth and would swallow occasionally but now she is really "eating" and loves it.  I still only offer food to her once a day. We also stumbled onto a sippy cup she LOVES.  She stopped taking a bottle around 5months so I was shocked that she drinks my milk from a sippy cup.DSCN5335.JPG





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Oh, and recently my LO has started to sort of "throw little tantrums"!??  Anyone else in the same boat? If I take something away from her that she really wants, she will let out a squeal and start to cry.  If I am holding her and she wants down she will arch her back and let out her little squeal of disapproval and then cry.  I am not to sure how I am supposed to deal with this...and advice or insight would be appreciated.  Thanks mamas! :)

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We have tantrums now, too! I am not sure if I'm supposed to give in or not... I always do but maybe that's the wrong thing lol. I actually was thinking about posting about that! She will start screaming if she wants something and won't often put up with a substitute now. And if she's getting tired not only is it screaming but it's screaming bloody murder and arching and throwing herself on the floor.

My DD (June 14) is cruising her butt off, crawling like a speedy little beetle, waving bye bye and sometimes hello, signs milk (to everybody), babbles non-stop (though we aren't sure that she is using any particular words/sounds for anything except possibly calling one of the dogs by his name- minus the "s" sound which she doesn't make yet). She has possibly started walking but I don't know when we count steps as walking! She is so sturdy with standing and using two hands to do something else but with walking but she'll usually grab something nearby after 2 or 3 steps even though she doesn't really need to. She likes to tease us with objects (like the dogs tease her and each other) and she has started wiping everything off with a sock or washcloth lol. She will also take a cracker and touch everything with it. She carries toys around in her mouth like a puppy sometimes. Weirdo! She LOVES the dogs though! She also loves other children


She isn't much into solids we usually just offer off our plates but she'll eat when she feels like it, otherwise she chews and spits it out lately. I give her some cereals and crackers or breads (even though I wasn't really planning on doing grains till after 1year) because they keep her busy while I do other things. Most end up on the floor and in the dogs lol. She does enjoy putting everything in her mouth (food and non-food) and has just cut one of her top teeth (after having nothing but bottoms for about 5 months now!).


She naps usually once in the AM for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, and once in the late afternoon for about the same but wakes up grumpy from that one and usually grumps till bedtime (7-8). She sleeps with me and night nurses anywhere from once to 12 times lol. She will usually nurse down and sleep on her own with me running in sometimes to feed before I go to bed. She's up most mornings around 8. I usually don't wake up much while she night nurses so I don't mind- though I prefer when I'm getting at least one 4+ hour stretch lol.


I just wanted to add- DD LOVES dancing SO MUCH! She will bop her head around if she wants us to turn on some music (or switch on one of her noisy toys) for her to dance along with!

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