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Doula in Bryan/College Station?

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I am looking for a doula in the Bryan/College Station area or someone who serves the Brazos Valley.  I have a friend, due in June, who has expressed an interest in having additional labor support and I can't find any listing for anyone in the area.


Any Bryan/College Station doulas out there??

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Just bumping to see if anyone has any leads on doulas in the Brazos Valley (Bryan/College Station area)??


Thanks in advance!

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The midwife who attended me last year lives in Bryan, Texas, and I know that she acted as a doula for an acquaintance of mine who had to plan a hospital birth. You could contact her: http://heritagematernity.com/ She is a wonderful woman, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

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Oh, whoops, I didn't notice that this was an old thread and that your friend has already had her baby by now. I hope she was able to find a good doula!

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Thanks for the recommendation, VioletVale!  My friend did have her baby and chose not to use a doula.  I'm actually studying to become a childbirth educator with BirthWorks and am going to try to contact your midwife for an interview!  smile.gif

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I'm in College Station.  Just let me know if I can help!

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haha...just saw this is all old...sorry!

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