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Still unsure of name!

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I am still not sure 100% about the name we have picked out. Im worried its way too close to ds1 name and we also wanted the name to be a surprise but there have been a few "slips" and it makes me sad that some people get to be surprised. Our dds name is Rylin and our ds1 name is Alden. My husband is set on Carden. I do LOVE the name Im just still a little unsure. My favorite name is Urijah but it also doesnt really blend with our other kids names. So what do you think? Carden or Urijah? My other problem is middle names... Were trying to decide between Benjamin and Lonn. Benjamin being my husbands middle name (he doesnt care if he is nnamed after him one bit) and Lonn being my dads middle name (died 19 years ago) My issue with Benjamin is that our last name is Atchison and that is just going to be soooo long together. I would also consider Alfred (my dads first name) but I dont know if I want two As in a row. Ugh Im still soo undecided!

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What about Lonn as the first name instead of the middle name?  I'm guessing you don't want to do that, so I vote for Carden Benjamin, I think it sounds better with your other children's names.  Of course you could wait to meet your little one and see which of your top names seems to fit better.


My hubby doesn't really even like to discuss names until after the babe is born, talk about stressful!  Good luck!

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We're still unsure about names here, too!  I think we've just had way too much going on the past few months - no time to get serious about baby names.  I wouldn't be surprised if this baby is unnamed for a few days until we get to meet her/him.


I think Carden sounds better with your DC's names - and I like Carden Benjamin.  And I also like the idea of using Lonn as a first name like Lama Mama suggested.  Best of luck!  I know how unsettling it feels to not have name picked out this far into the pregnancy!!

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I like Carden Lonn with your last name.  Also like Lonn as a first name.  I think both go well with your other children's names.


We're having the same problem deciding on names.  DH loves Zoe, but I'm not so sure.  Less sure the closer we get.  Maybe if she seems like a Zoe when she's born.  We also both agree on Riley, but I'm not in love with it either.  I've been asking DH to brainstorm more ideas, but not having much luck.  I hate being the one coming up with more names just for him to veto.  I'd rather he come up with some and let me veto! ;-p


We're thinking along the lines of Zoe, Riley, Megan...  The kids' favorite name is Ruby and it's actually really growing on me!  DH doesn't like it though.  The middle name will be Elaine (my middle name.)  Although I like Ruby Mae (no meaning other than the month she's born, probably.) And I think it goes with our other DD's name...Ella Jo.


Our kids names are Jacob, Max, and Ella. Any suggestions?!

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I think Ruby is adorable!!!  And goes really well with your other children's names.  Zoe would be my next pick, then Riley.

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My friend was considering Ruby.  I wasn't too fond of it.  Then I just fell in love with and crossed my fingers she would choose it.  She went with a different name.  We just got a new Ruby at my sons school aka daycare.  She is sooooo beautiful!  I love the name Ruby.  I was actually wondering today if it was going to be on a most popular list this year?


I still have nothing for a boy's name.  I am minutes away from packing the birth center bag and thought as I was laying my son down.... I better pack the name book!!

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LOVE Ruby! and I too like Carden.  We're still uncertain about names- just going to wait for him or her to arrive and see what suits;)

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