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HELP - Tooth Abscess in 5 yr old

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Anyone here dealt with this, and what did you do?


So, my DS had developed 4 cavities by the age of 2. The dentist, who told me that breastmilk causes cavities (which I didn't buy), wanted to put him under. But I have no dental insurance and a crazy high medical deductible and didn't have the $7k+ to do that. I just simply didn't have it.


So, I decided to try to heal his teeth and monitor them. We did so for about 2.5 years. We were not super successful with our efforts, mostly because DH is a SAHD and I work full time and DH isn't super structured, and it's hard for me to impose the structure necessary to make the changes when I'm not home :-(


Anyhow, last year, we took DS back to the dentist. He had 9 cavities at that point. We decided to go ahead and get them filled with composites, in the office using nitrous. That actually went well.


Fast forward to a week ago. DS went in for a check up. No new cavities. BUT, one of his molars is abscessed. This is a tooth he just had filled in the fall. Great.


And better than that, the dentist (not our usual dentist, I should add), says that he must have the tooth extracted and a spacer put in. No other options, nothing. She also did not recommend antibiotics or anything to treat the infection (not that I would agree with / to that, but still, I would have expected them to recommend that - am I wrong here?). Also, it's going to take the 6 weeks to get him in for the extraction! 


This whole thing seems really fishy to me. I am wondering if I can save the tooth, if I get super-serious about diet, brushing, using toothsoap, xylitol, some pascalite clay, and cell salts. And any other ideas you have?


He is saying there is no pain in the tooth. So, I am thinking that maybe the nerve is dead. In that case, does that mean the tooth can't be saved?


I'm thinking to cancel the extraction appointment, make an appointment with a holistic dentist for a second opinion, and try to treat the issue with the methods mentioned above. If there is any chance of saving the tooth, I could have the holistic dentist monitor it for me. If not, I think I'd feel more comfortable with treatment from the holistic dentist - I think I'd trust his opinion more anyway.


Also DD has 2 VERY small cavities, and I'm thinking to try the same method with those.


What do you all think?

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Such a bummer... hug2.gif


It sounds fishy to me as well.  If there is an infection, no doubt they should at least offer an anti-biotic.  I would go ahead and treat it with the methods you mentioned.  Won't hurt to try.  I am not big on xylitol, just me. 


I would definitely see a holistic DDS for a second opinion.  I would also get the latest x ray taken on the suspect tooth.  I lean towards removing the necrotic tooth.  It is kinda like have a root canal tooth in your head.... it is just rotting and dead however, if there is no issue maybe waiting is just fine.  That is a delicate dance.  Traditional DDS's are so quick to remove and throw a space maintainer in there. 


I do find it interesting that it isn't causing him discomfort.  It is possible that the nerve is dead.. hard to say without seeing the x ray. 


Your gut is already telling you to go get that second opinion.  I'd do it. 


Great resource to find a good one....



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Thanks for the input, mama!


I agree - I am leaning towards having the tooth extracted. BUT, I kind of think it is crazy to let a completely infected tooth sit in a kid's mouth for 6 weeks and do nothing about it but wait to get it pulled. It seems like I should at least be trying to treat the infection somehow in the meantime to keep it from spreading and minimize the damage. It seems to me to be really bad advice to just let that sit for so long with NO treatment at all...


That's really why I want the second opinion, not really because I think the extraction is unwarranted. And I don't feel comfortable with a major thing like extraction if the advice doesn't seem sound to me.


Off to look for a holistic dentist to see...

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Our seven year old has an abcessing tooth right now, except it's been going away in the past two days since we've been using oregano oil on it. It's reducing significantly in size, redness, pus, and pain. I'm not even giving it to him internally, just putting a few drops on a cotton ball and wedging it against the gum until it becomes uncomfortable. (It will start to burn after a few minutes.) Internally, it acts as an antibiotic. Even using it topically, because it's in his mouth and small bits could be swallowed, I've been giving him extra probiotics to restore his flora.


I've been tearing up the cotton ball into quarter pieces, putting two or three drops on the rolled-up ball, and wedging it between his lip and his gum.


I'll let you know how it progresses! We have an appointment for next week at the dentist's. I wasn't even imagining saving the tooth before, but now, if the improvement continues, I am wondering if we can.

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hi ladies,

just wondering what the outcome for your kids tooth situations turned out like?

in a simulare situation here and wondering what path we should take.



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I am also curious. DS has some issues with a tooth, not exactly sure what yet, so I'm hoping I can avert any progress in the problem.

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I'll likely post my own questions on a different thread, but just to update, we've got an abscess as well. Hope to see some responses!

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