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here they are!  perfect little heartbeats, moving all around, little blessings!!! they are measuring a week ahead at 11.5 weeks and hr of 175 and 168.



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What a beautiful picture!! You said measuring a week ahead, so does that mean you thought you were only 10 weeks and you are 11?? If that is the case that is awesome. I hope the same thing happens for me. Last time with my 1st pregnancy I was measuring two weeks behind so it seemed like I had to wait even longer.

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That's so neat!  I don't think I've ever seen a twin u/s before!  Congrats!!

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they said once they give you a due date, they won't change it. but they were big healthy babies for sure!  although with the m/s i haven't even gained a pound so far.


i'll stay in this ddc, but i'll prob deliver the end of sept/first of oct.

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I was just looking at some other u/s pics of twins... are yours monoamniotic?  Hence identical?  Or is it just hard to see the division of the sac?

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cool pic. congrats! Glad you're measuring a week ahead. Wonderful!

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it's just really hard to see the line dividing the sacs. but the u/s tech said as long as there is the thinnest line then we are so much better off.


i'm huge already though, i keep meaning to take pics of my belly, but i'm worried about how big i'll get.

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I just heard the baby's heartbeat today, but they said that my uterus seemed like it was measuring further along than 10w5d, and while it is my second child they still jumped right on the U/S to get a proper date.  The thing is, I CAN'T be further along, unless it were 3 weeks or so further, and with something along the lines of "decidual bleeding".  OR, could be twins?  I know it is really common with your second child to show sooner and even have symptoms sooner...but since the midwife seemed so surprised, it has me wondering...  How did you know/find out?  (Besides the U/S)  I will find out for sure next week, but I can't help but get a smidge worked up and my brain is running circles...


My great grandmother had TRIPLETS....holy crap.  bouncy.gif


P.S.  Beautiful U/S picture, thanks for sharing the twins with us!

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So cute!  Thanks for sharing ;-)

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