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For those who do the pad fold and/or use them without pins or snappis--what are your favorite covers/pocket diapers to put them in??



When I pad fold flat or lay in a prefold, I use Flips or Nikky's, and on the rare occasion, Thirsties. Dd has thick thighs winky.gif and sensitive skin, and Flips and Nikky's leave the least marks. 

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I have the "old-fashioned" Curity and Gerber flats.  They are long rectangles and probably 20-30 years old.  They are super soft and absorb well.  What I like best about them is they can be used by any age baby!  I pad folded them in xs and small Thirsties for my newborn.  Loved that!  Now I just do a quick angel wing type fold and use one pin in front now that we have moved to medium size covers.  A pin held better than a snappi for me.  My toddler also uses flats.  I use two for him (pad fold the 2nd flat so there is several layers in front).  I also use flats to wrap around hemp inserts for our nighttime pocket diapers.  For some reason I have never been able to convince other cding moms to use flats.  I wouldn't go any other way.

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