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Trying not to cry---lol

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I am not new here...I've been on Mothering since 2004, but this past year was chaotic, and I forgot my password, AND, we switched email providers...so I had to register all over again mecry.gif It was hard doing this for some reason eyesroll.gif, but my username is basically the same, and my morals and beliefs still hold strong!! So glad to be back among friends!! joy.gif
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Oh wow, sorry you couldn't recover your old password, but welcome back!

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that really sucks. welcome back! 

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If you contact the mods and tell them what happened and give them your old UN and email addy I bet they can help you get back on with your old info so you dont loose your post count.

Welcome back wave.gif:
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welcome back!

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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering.
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Welcome back! I think that would make me feel really sad too...

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Welcome back mama!

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