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haha, I cross-posted that I missed the last one with the next one... maybe I'll get a go at the next one. lol
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Ok~ Our internets are being ignunt here at school, so thanks for your patience!!!


Appendix is correct, so Yay Wishin'!    


So far I have Desert choosing The Au Pair, and thanks for your fine compliment! I love doing these, so I'm glad everyone else thinks it's fun

Seraf choosing Missed Her  


Isa wants me to choose for her, but I think she should take another look at the list. I can't possibly be objective at this point!!!  



Have I missed anyone?  



And yes I do have a PayPal account, I'll have to remember what the info is. Durp!!  



Ok, new question:  Nancy Drew has a sassy roadster, a boring boyfriend and a really butch girl friend. What is the butch girl's name?

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I'm not going to answer, I read about it on wikipedia and found some really interesting stuff about the ghost writers and how they were paid and everything.  


I had been thinking of trying a Nancy Drew book for the kids, do you have a favorite? (I was a Stephen King kid from about 10 on, I missed all the kid lit)

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oo, ooh... is it Bess??
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Bess was one of her friends, but not her butch friend, sorry!  If we don't get an answer by 12 I'll give it to you.  The early ND books are so weird, so racist and awful in some ways.  The butch friend is of course not actually gay in the story, but is so so coded it's unmistakable. In one place they describe her as having 'breath that smells like fish'. Nice. 

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wow... yeah, i only read a few... and that was a long time ago. i've always thought to go back and read them, as they'd be quick reads now, especially. 'breath that smells like fish'... now i really want to go back and read them! lol.gif
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Ok, I'm back from lunch duty and we're moving on. Sadly, no one recalls Nancy's pal George, and her fishy breath. Awwww....  



Ok, next question!  What are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard's babies in Make Way for Ducklings?

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I'll take Invisible Families. No clue on Nancy's lady-friend, unfortunately.
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Ahhh, crap, I knew it was George, but had to you know, actually go tend to the toddler...LOL!

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You're asking questions I know again!  But I'm holding off.  I will answer if no one else does.

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Dang kids!! Spoiling our fun!!!  ROTFLMAO.gif

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Jack, lack, Mack, nack, oack, pack, quack! I had a duckling obsession as a child, and was the prowd steward of 100 imaginary ducklings (that had to be counted off when loading up the car to go on errands... My poor mother).

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Amy that is AWESOME!!!  I am feeling for your mom, but love the fact that you had your own herd of ducklings. Amazing!  I never had an imaginary friend but was instead mayor of an imaginary town. Which if you know me, is about par for the course.  


Pick your book!!!




Our next question!   (I'm just amusing myself now, I hope no one minds...) Ramona's older sister is called Beezus. What is her real name? 

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Oo! oo! You've gotten into my territory now!
I was also mayor of an imaginary town for a while--but the best part is that it wasn't my imaginary town. My best friend and her cousin had set it up and when he wasn't around (most of the time, since he lived out of state) I got to be the prime resident. I drew elaborate houses for myself and my dozens of adopted children, chose furniture and clothes for them out of the JCPenney catalog, and had lots of crazy interactions with my hundreds of exotic invented pets, all portrayed by my friend. I can't even express how cool it was to have someone else respond and take on the different characters so I wasn't just talking to myself.
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Isa, that's really cool!  My first girlfriend and I had a game that was similar (though we were in high school). We played cooler versions of ourselves living in a big house in London with a changing assortment of cool people and rock stars and stuff. We'd design our clothes and act out elaborate scenes.  The fact that she wanted to play like this and was so good at it is the reason I fell so in love with her. I'd never known anyone willing and able to meet me on that level. Your town sounds really fun! (And then we became librarians. Hmmm.....)

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Well done, Wishin! That's two for you!!!  


I think I'm out of questions for today... More tomorrow!!!  You guys are excellent fun, thanks so much!!

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Thread Starter 

In middle school, my boy friend at the time (who is now gay too) and I and two friends played a game where we had to save the town from an imaginary 10-foot giant goldfish named Sammy. Michael (the "bf) made us all computers out of jewelry boxes and we played it all the time for the whole of two school years until we got in trouble for not letting a boy play with us and had to see the school shrink for playing it and not letting others join us. I find it really amausing!

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LOLabout the ducklings. 

And towns. 

And goldfish. 

I was convinced the only reason humans couldn't fly was lack of persistence. My mom would have preferred ducklings. 

Eventually, as a tween my daydreams turned to cloning humans and growing them in a surrogate bovine uterus nourished with a blood supply circulated by motors, carefully filtered and nourished . And of course the uterus was to have a window implanted to assist in monitoring development. Just your typical girl. Like Mary Shelly. 

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or aldous huxley. Glad at least part of your dreams kinda came true? wink1.gif
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