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Hi everyone! This is a fun thread. All of the pics are so cute and inspiring. Can't wait to be taking them myself. Sort of funny preggo story where we left an OB a little confused...  


DW: What's the likelihood of having an intersex baby?

OB: Oh, don't worry about that. It's very rare.

DW: I'm not worried.

OB: Did I say something to offend you?

DW: No, I think I'd be a good mama to an intersex baby. Just wondering if that will happen.


I love how queer family building brings so many new possibilities and perspectives to so many folks we all encounter.


Happy Monday, all. flowersforyou.gif

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wave.gif HI! YAY for a general chat thread! I'm Beth, mommy to DD, Sophia, 5 mo. Here is her Easter/Spring pic.


Sophia April 2011 086edit.jpg


I'll try to catch up. I got 134 on the crunchy quiz. I blame MDC totally. winky.gif I posted that quiz on facebook last week and my midwife said "that's the penalty for having a homebirth!" I told her she needed to put "crunchy hippieness" as a side-effect in her new client paperwork in order to offer true informed consent.  Hehe.


My DW is the SAHM and out on a walk recently alone with DD, she was in a conversation with a woman who was admiring DD and asked if she was the NANNY!! So, forget the fact that it's totally racist (she's Mexican) people just don't see her as the mama. greensad.gif I think because we're pretty butch/femme, we haven't gotten the sister or friends comments.


We have a 15 yr old cat named Niko (female).





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Hope everyone had a good start to their week. Our Monday was really uneventful - Ru worked, E had school, I cooked. Pretty much the usual around here! I am rather worried that E might have given me his cold. He was under the weather late last week/over the weekend, and is still coughing some. Leave it to me to wind up sick when we're hosting friends we haven't seen in almost 4 years over Easter weekend. rolleyes.gif


Beth, I love Sophia's hair! She's beyond cute! Sorry about the nanny comment your DW got. Nannies are really common in our area and SAHPs aren't, so I have been asked more than once if I am E's nanny. Fun fun. 

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Whoabethy-Cute pic! I want pics of everyone's lil families!


QOTD: My worst date was with a guy, his name was Darc (but really is was Dewey hahahahahaha) and he thought he was a vampire. He spent most of the time talking about how if he kissed me he could suck my psychic energy. It was really special.



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Mizyellow, that sounds special, alright! winky.giflol.gif
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Someone said to me the other week that my LO looks just like me, and I said that I thought that was awesome since DP is the bio mom. She then proceeded to look at me as if I had two heads. lol


Thanks, SmilingSara! It's something that I'm grateful for. However, just because I haven't had bad dates doesn't me that I haven't had bad girlfriends. Hoooowee, I've had some doozies.


Here's a pic of my kiddos!

Sf and V



ETA: Whoops my quotes did not work somehow. Ah well. Sorry if my post is confusing, :/

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erthe: wow, they are adorable! Its great to hear when people tell you a kid looks just like you! I'll bet the LO really does though! 

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Monarchgrrl - Sophia is adorable!!!  I love that photo album link in your signature.


Mizyellow - I concur with Wehrli...that date sounded something special!


Erthe_mama - Cute kiddos.  Is your eldest reading to your wee one?


Funny story to inspire a QOTD:

Yesterday we had to take the baby to the Drs to see about getting her tongue-tie clipped (turns out because it's posterior, we're not comfortable with the risks, so we're leaving as is for the time being).  She pooped in the office and we waited to get to the car to get her changed. DW was totally rushing the diaper change as the baby was wailing to be fed and just got baby poop everywhere.  On the baby, on her blanket, on the car seat mat, on the diaper change solution and all over her hands. 


While I was in the back seat of the car feeding the baby, I begged DW to run to the convenience store to buy me a bottle of water as I had forgotten mine at home.  She returned with a bottle of water for me and a bag of these cheese pretzel snacks for herself.


DW has been very sensitive about her weight lately.  She quit smoking in November, then had a back/shoulder injury in January and has gained a bit of weight.  She's only just returned to the gym and has been working on improving her eating habits.  I think she's beautiful, she just doesn't have that confidence in herself right now.


As she handed me the bottle of water, I looked at her snack and said, "You can't eat that."  Even before I said it, I knew what she was going to think, and as soon as I said it, that look crossed her face.  The one that read 'how dare you judge me and tell me what I can and cannot eat.'  Before she could even get mad at me, I quickly interjected, "You can't eat that because you have baby shit all over your hands." She looked really confused as she had somehow missed out on the fact that she had smeared her hands in poop.


QOTD:  What are some of your funniest baby poop moments?

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salut everyone!  i've been lurking for a few days and am just getting around posting.  merci bien for starting the thread, sara!


you all have such adorable wee ones!  i keep dragging DP over to the computer to show her the cute gaybies.  i hope we'll eventually have our own pics to share....  


i'm going to answer the QOTD about terrible dates, as my baby poop experiences are limited to things that happened decades ago with my much younger siblings, (and i tend to have first dates that are either sublime or monumentally bad)


this is one of the monumentally bad experiences:


so i connected with this woman online, and she seemed really cool and interesting.  she was an attorney working for native american rights, and i could feel her passion for her work in the pre-date phone conversations we had.  passion is usually very attractive to me, as is activism, so i was sure we'd hit it off in person.  for the date she took me to a restaurant in DC where the waitstaff gets on a small stage and sings when they aren't taking orders or serving food.  the woman seemed very nice, and we were indeed getting along; however, i realized fairly quickly that i wasn't attracted to her.  apparently, the non-attraction wasn't mutual, because when our waiter came to bring us our food, she asked him if *she* could get on the stage and sing to me.  now don't get me wrong, a heartfelt serenade from the right person can lead to melty-legged giddiness.  but i'd known this woman for all of 20 minutes, and i just wasn't interested in that way. (not to mention the fact that i can be incredibly shy and being sung to in a restaurant full of strangers would be a kind of personal hell)  luckily, the dating deities heard my desperate prayers, and the waiter explained that it was impossible for anyone beside the staff to use the stage. PHEW!

after the meal, she asked me if i could drive her home.  being a nice southern girl, i of course said "yes" and she followed me to my jeep.  when we got inside, she leaned over from the passenger seat, grabbed the front of my shirt and planted a huge, sloppy, tongue-filled kiss on me.  once i'd toweled off my chin, cheeks and eyebrows, i drove her home.  i was still feeling very awkward when we pulled up near her apartment complex, but i was also feeling relieved that the whole thing was almost over.... unfortunately, i was very very wrong.  before she got out of the car, she said that since she couldn't sing to me in the restaurant, she was going to do it then and there. she also told me to ignore the gender of all of the pronouns in the song.  what followed was something along the lines of "i'm loving him more and more every day. he's my world and i want him so much" okay, whatever....   i dropped her off and went home to my happily empty bed. 


but it wasn't over yet, because at the restaurant, before she'd started waving the crazy flag, she'd invited me to go to anapolois with her the next day, and i'd invited her to come to a party i was having that night.  so i found myself with her again less than 12 hours later.  on the drive to anapolis, i was racking my brains trying to figure out how i could tell her i wasn't interested.  i'm terrible at that kind of thing.   much to my relief, she made things a lot easier by saying, "i have to tell you something....i'm married."  i wanted to scream hallelujah, but i restrained myself, and calmly told her that i couldn't date someone who was married.  she seemed disapointed but nodded and then went on to tell me that her husband could only get sexually excited when he hurt her.  she also offered me some of her stash of medication (xanax, ritalin and percocet to name a few).  the trip to anapolis was okay and at times even interesting (she took me to see a spirit guide), but she kept trying to buy me things.  we parted for the second time, and i went home to prepare for my party (forgetting completely that she was going to be attending).  an hour before things were supposed to begin, my doorbell rang, and guess who it was.  i was still in the middle of frantically cleaning, so it kept me from really having to interact with her.  two of my friends from out of town showed up soon after that, and thankfully she switched her energies to them.... once the party got into full swing i forgot about her for the most part, but from time to time,  i'd look in her direction.  every single time she was in someone's lap acting very flirty.  she tried to kiss one of my gay friends and apparently kissed and felt up several of the straight guys and girls.  at around 2am she handed me her cell phone and said "give him directions to your place."  when i asked her who "he" was she said, "my husband."    


so there you go... my "worst" date ever.  although, by the end i was just laughing at the absurdity of it all and thinking how it would make a great story someday. upsidedown.gif

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Gumshoe- Thanks! That is a hilarious story!!!! I wish I could play this QOTD (wait maybe I don't) but I don't have any funny poop stories. I guess we're lucky, but Sophia only goes once a day or once every couple of days and she makes a grunting face so we know when it happens and we just move her to the changing table to finish going. We've had one explosion when she was super tiny and had to change her clothes, but that's it. We were at home. No biggie. But no funny stories. Of course we're flying across the country next month so I just know she'll go on the plane and we'll have to try to change her in the tiny bathroom! We're both big girls, so I don't know how well that will work. I'll probably have a funny story then.


nosreves- OMG!!! What a crazy story! And crazy lady!

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earthe_mama - Your LOs are so super cute! 


Originally Posted by gumshoegirl007 View Post

QOTD:  What are some of your funniest baby poop moments?

We were lucky to never have an awful poop-spolsion or anything of the sort for the whole time E was in diapers. That said, he did have a hysterical move we called the "poop stance." When he needed to poop, he balled up his fists and brought his arms up near his chest, straightened his legs, and let it rip! There was NO mistaking him pooping when he was little. I was so funny.

Originally Posted by nosreves View Post

so there you go... my "worst" date ever.  although, by the end i was just laughing at the absurdity of it all and thinking how it would make a great story someday. upsidedown.gif

Salut nosreves! Tu est Française? Ou juste ta femme? Comment vous-êtes vous rencontré? That sure was an AWFUL date, though like you said, it makes for a good story!


I went to get my hair cut today and of course, 4 minutes after I left the house, the school called to say that E wasn't feeling well. I missed the call because I was driving, so they called Ru. She was able to swing by the school and pick him up, and then bring him home and wait for me to get home to be with him so she could go back to work. Stellar. He's complaining that his ear feels "funny", but not that it hurts. I'm thinking maybe ear pressure from having a head cold? The child just had an ear infection last month!! Sigh. The joys of kindergarten. 





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salut lemur!  moi, je suis américaine (malheureusement!) et nous nous sommes rencontrées à barcelone (où j'habitais).  et toi? tu es québécoise?  enough of my bad french!  it's nice to meet you :)



Edited by nosreves - 4/20/11 at 3:04pm
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lol.gif at the "unfortunately", nosreves! Yes, I am québécoise, but my wife is American (though she now has Canadian citizenship.) We met in grad school. Nice to "meet" you too.


Is anyone doing anything exciting this weekend for Passover/Easter? We celebrate Easter, but more from a cultural standpoint than a religious one. We did an egg hunt with some friends today (since it's a statutory holiday here in Canada), and have friends coming to stay with us from out of town tomorrow through Tuesday. We're hosting brunch here on Sunday morning, and then our housing co-op is hosting another egg hunt on Monday! Whew!


I personally am just holding out for good weather. Apparently it's finally supposed to warm up tomorrow after a bout of cold and rainy weather. I'm looking forward to it - we're almost into May!

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Good morning!


Worst date: I don't have any to talk about, but my cousin took me to a gay bar (50 miles to the closest one) and I thought I'd have to give up on dating completely.  There was only one woman in there who was even remotely attractive.  It was just sad.  


Poop story:  We did EC, so most of my poop stories just go, flush, wipe.  There were a few amusing times when they would poop in their training pants and DX would call me up and ask how to handle it.  She would usually resort to a full on bath because she couldn't get rid of the smell.  Funniest, my mom was changing my new baby sister in the mall and when she picked up her legs my sister shot poo for a couple of feet to hit my mom in the (white) jeans.  It just looked like mustard but my brother and I thought it was the funniest thing ever.  Story to illustrate how immature and hormonal I was right after Osh was born: we rode the bus to the bank.  It was March in Ohio and he very clearly told me he needed to poop (5 days old) so I asked where the bathroom was.  They told me the public wasn't allowed to use the bathroom because of the security threat, since 9-11.  So he totally pooped that nasty half meconium poop and I laid him out on that man's desk and proceeded to change his diaper while talking to Osha in that sweet voice people use when they're talking to babies, "Oh, you bad, bad baby, you threat to national security, I thought I raised you better than that."  Yeah, I was mad.  And I changed banks.


Easter:  We have a family get together.  We had some young friends stay with us for spring break, so we dyed eggs with them and Easter baskets appeared in the morning along with all the eggs being hidden (yesterday).  There is an egg hunt at the park today.  And tomorrow we're having a small gathering of my family.  Sara's family lives far away, but her sister may come down (she lives closer).  Only about half my family is coming.  A couple of cousins (the ones with kids) are going elsewhere, so it's going to be really small, only about 14 people, instead of the usual 25-30.  Oh well, less food I have to cook.  I was working the first 3 nights of passover, but I don't think Sara did anything for that.  Then we had the friends come and, frankly, cooking for vegetarians on their end and very picky eaters on our end, we did not keep kosher for passover (pizza).



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QOTD, how much is gas where you live?  Do you drive?

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seraf -- they're both adorable!


as for the QOTD, gas is about $6.05 for the cheap stuff at our local stations.  i don't drive here at all (it's all metro or walking for me), but my wife drives to work. 

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Love all the pix on this thread!  Thanks to those willing to share!  


Unfortunately, the public transportation picture in Richmond is severely lacking.  Since I work at an office park in the burbs, driving is the only option.  I live in the city so at least it is a reverse commute.  DW drives too but only because she is an event planner and does a lot of running around.  


Regular unleaded is about $3.85 here.  As bad as that is for us,  I guess you put it in perspective for us, Nosreves.  No wonder so few folks in Europe drive!

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Nosreves: is that per liter or gallon?! And is that 6.05 in euros?! I don't even wanna think about how much gas is today (just hit 3.99 a gallon for the 'cheap' stuff) but 6.05 makes my head spin...
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I live near and work in San Francisco. Gas here is $4.23 - $4.45, depending on which station you get it. I drive about 20-25 minutes to work everyday. We have a little car and spend $30/week on gas (not too bad if you ask me). 



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Here in Memphis, the cheapest you can find is about $3.59 per gallon, but averages about $3.69. I work from home, so my only travel duringt he day is taking DS to/from school, and errands. When I do travel to Nashville for work or RE appts it's about $100 roundtrip. We have a SUV, a Jeep and a Volvo, none of which get great gas mileage. Ugh!

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