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how high are "pregnant" BBT temps?

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I'm having a strange cycle and hoping it could mean I'm FINALLY pg...


do BBT soar much higher than usual if pregnancy occurs or can they just stay above cover line and not really get higher and higher? i'm having a very wacky cycle and trying to figure out what it all means. thanks! 


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Based on my first two pregnancies I would have answered that pg cycles usually get higher temps.  For example, I am usually in the low 98's during my LP, but with my first two pregnancies I bumped up into the mid-98's and a few even higher than that.


But, the third pregnancy did not follow that pattern at all.  I kept thinking AF was coming b/c I dipped below the coverline more than once and my temps were only in the high 97's with one or two in the low 98's.  I really had no idea what was going on and started to question my ovulation day.  But when AF still hadn't come after 20 days from when I (and FF) thought I ovulated I couldn't ignore it anymore and tested.  BFP.  Once I tested positive, FF redrew the coverline.  LOL.  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25f63a


How many DPO are you now?  12?  Some women get a BFP on day 12, but I personally like to wait until I'm several days past my longest LP so I don't get ambiguous results.


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thanks....you know what, i searched some charts after reading your post and i saw several that "flat-lined" like mine is doing and ended in BFP! So i now have new hope...


according to FF, i am 16 DPO, but it's really not possible because my longest LP ever was 14 days and it is usually more like 12. i'm now pretty certain that my actual O date was CD16 and not CD13 as it is currently showing. i am trying not to get too excited, but i do plan to test tomorrow morning if AF is still not here (fingers crossed) at which point i will be 14 DPO, according to my hunch that the O date was really CD16. Wish me luck and baby dust!!!! :)


Here is my chart just for fun:

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Good plan!  Can't wait to hear if you see something!  Did you get a pink dye test like FR?  Those have less evap line issues.  Also, be sure to take a picture of it before the ten minutes are up.  :)

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I have no answers but wanted to say good luck!
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 Personally, I get positive pee-sticks before my charts do anything "pregnant-like".  I've linked my homepage - I've got a miscarriage and a pregnancy chart on there.  For me, they don't just soar up, they hover around a new normal-ish. 


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