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Southeastern PA/Philly tribe...

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Hello! I was reading the post about creating a village and I’ve been wanted that for a while and thought that I should do something about it. I hope it is okay to put this link on here but I started a meet-up group for the Chester County/Philadelphia area for Crunchy & AP moms – I don’t have a ton of local friends like that so am hoping to find my tribe ☺ Here’s a link – mods feel free to take down if it is a problem – but it isn’t a business or anything: http://www.meetup.com/Crunchy-AP-Parenting-Group/

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nd01, I could use your help.


My husband is interviewing for a job in Montgomery County and if we relocated, it would be to the Abington/Glenside general area. One thing I'm concerned about is finding a great pediatrician who is slow-vax friendly.


Do you have any suggestions?


Appreciate it! If we do move, can I join your tribe? ;-)





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I feel like my son is too old for your group but wanted to say hello, none the less.  We're most interested in meeting other 9-11 yo homeschoolers at this point.  If any of your group are homeschooling or thinking of it, they can join the delco-homeschool yahoo group and look for my posts about the weekly parkday, or PM me if they are on MDC.  It is usually Tuesdays and usually at Smedley Park.  The crunch factor varies from family to family as does the style of homeschooling (everything from unschooling to cyber schooling).  But we get a nice inclusive crowd with kids from infants up to about 12.  smile.gif





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Hi Erin -

We had similar concerns and just switched to Kids First Flourtown (their name just changed, but if you google KF, it will come up).  They're affiliated with Children's Hospital and have been open to alternative schedules for vax.  Flourtown is about 10-15 minutes from Abington/Glenside.  I know that Abington Peds won't delay vax at all.  Good luck!

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Hi I just joined your group. My kids are 10 and 6 so may be too old for your crowd? 


We are relocating from Oregon to west Philly this summer and looking for a house to rent (DH works in Conshy). We visited during the heat wave a couple weeks ago (UGH!) and liked Narberth, Wyndmoor, Erdenheim, but most important is finding a good school for our rising 1st and 5th grade kids. HELP!

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