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I need to take a new picture! It's been a month since my last one, and I don't see the difference as dramatically but I still want to document it.


I have been having heartburn something AWFUL in the last 3 days. Now, given, I've never had heartburn before, so I don't really know what it feels like. But it burns in my throat, and the pressure is awful. It came on Sunday night right before bed, and I finally just threw up and felt much better, so I could actually sleep. It started again last night, so I scarfed like 6 Tums tablets and it got a little better.


My second cousin had her triplets today! She was only a week and a half ahead of me, plus the multiples are smaller, so it's crazy to see the pictures and know that's about the size my little man probably is right now! I can't wait to meet my little guy. I keep reminding myself that's he's still cooking cuz he's not done yet!

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dragonfly - I was sure I had gd again this time, I already dealt with it once & yet I still felt just awful thinking about before the testing. I hope it goes well for you - but if you need us on the gd thread we're there.

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Lane Bryant for the tops - they run longer than the actual "maternity" ones at Motherhood - go figure!


Dragonfly, fx you do well on with the GTT. It's no picnic, but hey, treat yourself to a carb loving brunch after! The hospital where I had mine done gives you a food voucher, I had a cinnamon roll and a chocolate milk, just in case I got "bad" news and would have to restrict myself! then I had potato and cheese pierogies for lunch . . .yum


Only 7 weeks to go! I got to hold a friend's newborn girl yesterday (born at 37 weeks and 8 lbs 10oz!) made me so want to meet this LO, but she's got some more cooking to do. In the meantime I'm getting some wicked BH's in the evenings and trying to take it easy.

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Only 7 weeks to go! 

This sent a wave of panic through me ;)  Only 10 weeks to go, here....and that seems unreasonably soon!!!


According to my weigh-in last week, I have only gained 5lb at 30 wks, which is fine - that's about where I was with DD, I think i gained about 12lb total and she weighed 7lb.  


There is no denying the baby belly now.  It's definitely out there!  It's still not perfectly rounded but in most shirts it looks like a normal bump.  I think it's much bigger than it was with DD, but I didn't take any pictures to compare.  


I had a dream last night that my doctor rushed me in for an c-section without explaining why, and when I asked afterwards, she told me it was because she had a party to get to, ha!  I don't fear this happening in real life  but it was very unsettling




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So I failed the three hour...depressed about that.

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Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post

So I failed the three hour...depressed about that.

grouphug.gif Lots of excellent company at the GD moms thread, honey. Come on over. hug2.gif

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dragonfly - that's a bummer, but you have lots of support!


new pic: 34 weeks! I just am trying to figure out where all the bump is coming from, when I've not really gained anything. (but I am not complaining! I love the bump and I actually am happy with the scale for once!)



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oh my goodness...you look like you are ready to "drop it on the sidewalk" - FAB BUMP!!!!!!!!

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I only hope labor goes that easily! have 6 weeks left (unless she's late and then . . .I don't want to think about it!)

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

dragonfly - that's a bummer, but you have lots of support!


new pic: 34 weeks! I just am trying to figure out where all the bump is coming from, when I've not really gained anything. (but I am not complaining! I love the bump and I actually am happy with the scale for once!)



I MUST know where you get your shirts!!

They are so lovely...if I have already asked this in the past I apologize, pregnancy brain and all that.

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I just caught up with reading this whole thread! I'm also a plus size soon-to-be mama, and it's nice to know there are other people out there who can relate to me.


I do have a question, where have you found the best maternity clothes? I am having a hard time finding plus size maternity stuff. I would also like to get some nursing gowns for the hospital, any you recommend?



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cbeclipse - I managed to find a couple things at old navy that were maternity but the vast majority of my "maternity" clothes are just larger sized regular stuff that works. For me that means yoga pants & jersey skirts that have those big wide waist bands that are meant to be folded down - I just pull them right up & over my belly. I also do a lot of tops that normally scream pregnant on my body (empire waistlines, anything that has rouching/gathers across the bust, etc.). I've also lucked out finding a few dresses that have enough give & stretch in the belly to work - although I have noticed a couple of these are now getting noticeably shorter in the front than the back thanks to my belly.


If you're in the states you probably have more choices than we do up here.

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My favorite maternity place so far has been Old Navy online. I haven't bought a lot, since I had a lot given to me, but my favorite items are from there. Their sizing is limited, though. I got some nice things from Motherhood, too, but their sizing is weird. Some things will fit perfectly in a 1x, and other things I had to try a 3x before I found something that worked. Kinda annoying.


I got a couple of gowns, one just plus sized and button down, and one an actual nursing gown, from Goodwill. I'm broke and cheap, so that was the best option for me. Weirdly, their maternity is most often mixed right in to their nightwear, or right next to it, depending on where you go. I just gave the stuff a good wash and ended up with 2 gowns for less than $5 total (yay half price Sundays!).


I should definitely be asleep. We're getting up in about 7 hours to make the trip up to my MIL's house in NY for my baby shower. I'm really looking forward to the visit... not so much to the 5 hour drive. I know I need to be well rested if it's going to be tolerable, but this darn sleeplessness... the pregnant body is so unpredictable. I was exhausted three hours ago waiting for DH to get home from work. Then he got in bed and fell asleep and I'm sitting up trying to entertain myself because I can't sleep!

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All the tops pictured are Lane Bryant. I've found a lot of the Motherhood tops - unless they are actually tunics - tend to get too short anywhere after 6 months pregnant. I have done Motherhood, JCPenney, and Koh's for bottoms. It's a struggle because I'm petite, and finding plus size, petite, maternity pants is really realy hard. Most of the Motherhood pants I don't like, honestly. My slacks from there have no pockets!


I do a lot of dresses (Dress Barn and Cato) for work.


Nursing gowns: try Motherwear - they have a good plus size section, but they are obv online only.

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I had my 30 wk checkup yesterday and things are, in the words of my Dr, "perfect"!  My BP is skating a tiny bit high for me but still well within the normal range.  I still haven't gained any more weight! In fact I have lost a little - I now weigh 2 lb more that I did before I got pregnant!  How is that possible???  I mean, I'm not arguing - it means I am still wearing my pre-preg pants and some shirts and that everything will fit postpartum.  It's like a weird, unexpected perk - all the skinny girls have to obsess about losing their baby weight and just by having a 7-8lb baby plus losing the water weight involved, I'll weigh the same or less than I did before.  



This has been such a stress free pregnancy for me - with DD, I watched every bite I took, questioned every bit of advice, worried about trusting a doctor and our maternity hospital....this time...I have no real worries.   I'm hoping to avoid an induction this time, but I have this wonderful, peaceful sense that everything will be fine.  After DD was born, I promised myself that I would remember that the birth and pain and recovery were manageable and a minor blip compared to the bliss that a baby brings, that it was the most beautiful, sacred thing to have this little person join us.  And I promised myself I would remember that through the sleep deprivation and mess of the first few months, there wasn't a moment that wasn't worth it a million times over because we were so LUCKY to have her!  So whenever I worry about labour or postpartum issues or the logistics of two little people, I just think of  all the things I promised to remind my future self of.


I've been having lots of braxton hicks, which I didn't have last time...and I'm so thirsty!!!  And starving, until I try to eat anything and then I have no room to put it  so I feel sick ;)


I actually found some good pajamas and nightgowns at walmart - I try not to shop there, but I was looking for cheap pjs that would actually fit for the end of pregnancy and postpartum.  Their pj pants, tops and nightgowns all fit and I take a 24!



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katico - so great to hear it is going well!


So today I was in the grocery store & while standing in line starting getting some pretty good bh contractions so I was rubbing my belly & probably looking pretty pathetic. The cashier asked me when I was due & I joked not soon enough but then she asked again so admitted to October. And she says "Oh, a lady was here early due in September & she wasn't as big as you!" Who says things like that?!!!

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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
Who says things like that?!!!





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shake.gif   I will never understand what some people are thinking. They need one of those thingies that tv stations use for live broadcasting, a ten second delay so someone smarter can edit out the bonehead statements that should not be said out loud. 

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34 weeks, 1 day



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SHonasmom...you have the cleanest mirror ever!!!!!


And a lovely ...perfect for that top....BUMP :)

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